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Start working on FELIX-4134

Move the manipulation integration tests in the reactor.

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Fixed wrong version in integration-tests
Fixed wrong version in integration-tests
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FELIX-4095 Add CDI-like @Stereotype

* All iPOJO annotations can nom be used on other annotations (ANNOTATION_TYPE)

* New @Stereotype meta annotation

* Stereotype related bindings are placed before generics bindings (that means that they have priority)

* Added integration tests

* Notice that this feature works at the moment with bnd-ipojo-plugin (except if the @Stereotype is in the manipulated bundle), other front-ends (maven, ant, cli, ...) will be updated soon

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Update it projects parent pom version
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Update to newest osgi-helpers
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Increase stability threshold
Increase stability threshold
Added a grace periods between tests
wait for stability before executing the Online Manipulator Tests
FELIX-3903 - Fix online manipulator test on knopflerfish
Fix XSD location (due to CMS change)
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FELIX-3976 - Move the online manipulator out of the core bundle

FELIX-3903 - Migrate tests to pax exam 3 : migrate the online-manipulator tests to pax exam 3

  1. ./online-manipulator-it/src/test/resources
  2. ./online-manipulator-it/src/main/resources
  3. ./online-manipulator-it/src/test/java/org
  4. ./online-manipulator-it/src/main/java/org/apache
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FELIX-3921 - Migrate to the Felix parent 2.1

Move to the new legal file support

Add the copyright header to file without

Remove outdated doc

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FELIX-3927 - Make tests more reliable on KF
FELIX-3927 - Make tests more reliable on KF
Set the import package clause to:

org.apache.felix.ipojo; version=[1.8.0,2.0.0)

Update the test configuration to run on the right manipulator version.

Fix some tests related to inner class.

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continuing FELIX-3903

Fix test on java 7.

Try to reproduce tests about enumeration.

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set svn ignore globally
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FELIX-3903 - Migrate manipulator tests to pax exam 3
  1. ./ipojo-manipulator-manipulation-test/src/test
  2. ./ipojo-manipulator-manipulation-metadata-test/src/test
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