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Update the Felix version in junit4osgi
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* Use iPOJO 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT for testing

* Avoid resolving iPOJO twice

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junit4osgi now uses the bnd-ipojo-plugin.
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Fix properties:

cannot use custom attributes (must be name and value).

Fix time in reports.
Fix surefire-reports.
* Fix FELIX-1427

Service dependencies are not able to be injected as smart proxies (generated in bytecode). However the proxies ensure the service object set synchronization.

By default fields now receive proxies (default behavior can be set with the ipojo.depednency.proxy-enabled|disabled system property).

* Fix an interception bug on constructors

* Fix import / package packages of composites and temporal handler as now the core embeds ASM

* Add a classloading issue in the temporal dependencies (Bad classloader)

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Update junit4osgi to use Felix 2.0

Apply the patch from Felix-1646 (just change some cosmetic stuff)

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Improve error handling in the Composite Service Context

The extender does no more hold the lock to start the management of already installed bundles (Felix-985)

Improve the maven-junit4osgi-plugin: Report are now in the surefire-report folder, possibility to enable/disable System.out and System.err, allow configuring Felix.

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