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FELIX-3921 - Migrate to the Felix parent 2.1

Move to the new legal file support

Add the copyright header to file without

Remove outdated doc

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Use the right version of the bnd-ipojo-plugin in junit4osgi
Fix FELIX-3249:

* Applied patch from Guillaume

* junit4osgi now uses the bnd ipojo plugin

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Fix build by avoiding using the bnd-ipojo-plugin which still have a weird bug
junit4osgi now uses the bnd-ipojo-plugin.
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use the mavne-ipojo-plugin in junit4osgi
updated junit4osgi to use the bnd-ipojo-plugin.
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use release versions
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fix osgi core dependency, reenable internal junit4osgi tests
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Replace ${pom.*} by ${project.*}
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Final steps before the release preparation:

- cosmetic fix

- update to new parent

- remove dependnencies on org.apache.felix osgi core and compendium

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Prepare the release process:

- revert to metadata 1.4

- apply fix for Felix-2268

- increase version number for the iPOJO exposed package, and imported packages (added by the manipulator)

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Update versions.
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Update dependencies to current development version.
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.ipojo.junit4osgi-1.0.0
[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of org.apache.felix.ipojo.junit4osgi-1.0.0
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.ipojo.junit4osgi-1.0.0
Use released version of ipojo artifacts
Use the latest Felix pom
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Add license and notice file to the online-manipulator

Add apache license header to the online-manipulator

Edit license and notice file of junit4osgi

Add the online-manipulator to the reactor

Fix a potential NPE in the manipulator when the Created-By entry does not exist in the manipulated jar

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Update pom files to use the 1.0.4 parent pom (bulk change).
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Update dependencies to use iPOJO 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
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- Update the iPOJO Package Version to 1.1.0

- Cleanup pom files (useless dependencies)

- Re-add (??) the specification attribute in the @Requires for Collection field

- Update Notice file copyright

- Fix issue FELIX-876. Now the package from 'specification' attributes are imported also for primitive components

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