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Changeset 707283 is being indexed.

Modification of the NOTICE file:

The event admin , whiteboard pattern and extender pattern handler NOTICE file said that they 'include' OSGi software rather than 'use'

The OSGi copyright year was not correct, now the used copyright is : Copyright (c) OSGi Alliance (2000, 2007).

Improvement of Junit4OSGi:

Addition a Junit4OSGi iPOJO helper

The OSGiTestCase now contains OSGi-related method helping the writting tests.

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Prepares for next development iteration (1.1.0-SNAPSHOT)

Updates dependencies to target latest released version

Adds the compareTo method to (required by the newest OSGi Core)

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.ipojo.handler.jmx-1.0.0
Set the date in two changelog files
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Updates doc folders with new changelog files and update embedded documentation

Adds the ASM licence in the manipulator project

The maven-ipojo-plugin's architype targets the latest released version.

Adds a visibility test in the composite test suite.

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A bunch of cosmetic fixes.
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Improve javadoc of the instance creator

Fix several concurrency issues with the configuration admin (such as Felix-732)

Commit a test suite testing configuration admin support

Improve the documentation of XSD Schemas (external handlers)

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Fix issue Felix-716

Provides XML-Schemas for core features (core handler, component, handler, instance), compositions, external handlers.

Modifies the manipulator in order to check schema when specified in the XML descriptor.

Tests suites now use schemas.

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Add bundle-description and bundle-docURL inside bundle manifests.
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Update the handler namespace to support annotations.

Now it uses "org.apache.felix.ipojo.handlers.jmx"

Change the maven-bundle-plugin version to use the 1.4.2.

Add the <parent> element to the JMX handler and to the event admin handler pom files.

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Fix issue Felix-675

Improve the JMX handler to support the Platform MBean Server.

Use the latest iPOJO version

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Change the structure of the iPOJO project.

Handlers are now in a separate directory (handler).

Update the iPOJO pom file to refer on the moved projects.

Update some artifactId to be consistent.

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  2. ./src/main/java/org/apache/felix/ipojo/handlers
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