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Fix FELIX-2633 Rename JMX annotations

The @Conifug annotation is now @JmxBean which make more sense.

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Refactor the JMX Handler

Fix FELIX-2633 Rename JMX annotations

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Release Preparation - Update changelog

Cosmetic fix

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Fix some missing space in the license headers.
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Apply Pierre's patch for the Felix-1183 issue.
Fix a minor bug when a MBean has'nt properties. This bug was inserted during the last refactoring (namespace sub-elements)
Fix issue Felix-828

The JMX Handler name attribute creates correctly the name part of the MBean objectname.

Fix issue Felix-829

The JMX Handler property and method sub-elements should use the JMX handler namespace to be compliant with the XML Schema.

Fix issue Felix-830

Simplify the custom annotation processing to avoid using id/parent attributes.

Fix issue Felix-825

Provide annotations for the JMX handler

Update pom files to use the RAT plugin (allowing to automatically check missing license)

Update pom files to use the Checkstyle plugin (check automatically code format)

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Fix issue Felix-796.

Define the "ipojo.internal.dispatcher" property (true or false) enabling / disabling the internal event dispatcher. This property can also be set from the iPOJO bundle manifest (ipojo-internal-dispatcher entry).

Refactor some code to prepare next improvements and fix cosmetic bugs.

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A bunch of cosmetic fixes.
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Update the handler namespace to support annotations.

Now it uses "org.apache.felix.ipojo.handlers.jmx"

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Fix issue Felix-675

Improve the JMX handler to support the Platform MBean Server.

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