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Changeset 704540 is being indexed.

Prepares for next development iteration (1.1.0-SNAPSHOT)

Updates dependencies to target latest released version

Adds the compareTo method to (required by the newest OSGi Core)

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Change the maven-bundle-plugin version to use the 1.4.2.

Add the <parent> element to the JMX handler and to the event admin handler pom files.

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Modify version number to be 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT everywhere
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Change version number to be 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT

Add LICENCE and NOTICE files

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Modify pom files to use correct version.

Add ManagedService management in the Configuration Handler (the PID of the Managed Service can be specified both in the component type or in the component instance configuration).

Add ManagedService tests in the test suite

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Commit the new iPOJO version (0.7.6).
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