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Migrate the test suites to the new junit4osgi development model (use getContext() to get the bundle context instead of context).

Add <parent> in pom files

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Several changes in the junit4osgi subproject (copy preparation)

Add LICENCE and NOTICE files

Add licence header

Format the code

The groupId is now org.apache.felix

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Add session to junit4osgi:

- services are automatically unget

- instances created with the iPOJO helper are automatically disposed

Add a log service implementation to the junit4osgi plugin to collected logged messages during test execution (as well as messages printed on System.out ans System.err).

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Fix issue Felix-716

Provides XML-Schemas for core features (core handler, component, handler, instance), compositions, external handlers.

Modifies the manipulator in order to check schema when specified in the XML descriptor.

Tests suites now use schemas.

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Commit the new iPOJO version (0.7.6).
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