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Update test to work in headless mode.
Fix FELIX-3374.

Create the propagated properties correctly.

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Fix typo
Fixed FELIX-3172.

Implements the new API

Updates service registration to avoid the cast issue

Propagates changes to iPOJO Service Context (and implementations)

Configures the maven-compiler-plugin to generate 1.4 bytecode (same trick as for the Felix framework)

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Refactored tests

Added tests about FELIX-3009

Integrate the constructor-injection branch into the trunk.
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Add a test checking that we don't create proxies for abstract and concrete classes.
Fix FELIX-2716 [iPOJO] Failure when creating proxies for classes in java.* packages

Change the package name of smart proxies of java.* interfaces

Add a second check to be sure to never create proxy of non-interface type

Improve the logger messages (cosmetic fixes)

Avoid an NPE in the InstanceManager.

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Second attempt to fix FELIX-2685 Wrong Element name when XML namespace contains ':'

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Add missing license header.
Fix FELIX-2685 Wrong Element name when XML namespace contains ':'

Also add a unit test.

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