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Fix FELIX-3374.

Create the propagated properties correctly.

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Fix FELIX-3323:

Ipojo composite throw ClassCastException when configuration is updated thru ConfigAdmin

Several issues:

* A wrong cast

* The reconfiguration was not propagated to instances

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Do not inspect super classes and implemented interfaces for non primitive components.
Cosmetic changes.
Applied patch to fix FELIX-3326:

Accessing IPojo-Component's all inherited classes and all implemented interfaces in PrimitiveTypeDescription

Fixed FELIX-3271

The proxy must supports hashCode and equals.

Fix FELIX-3252

Embeds the iPOJO online manipulator into the iPOJO Core bundle

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Fixed some typos.
Fix FELIX-3190

Added a getComponentMetadata method to Factory.

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Fix FELIX-3192

Propagated service properties must be updated when propagated a second times

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Fixed FELIX-3172.

Implements the new API

Updates service registration to avoid the cast issue

Propagates changes to iPOJO Service Context (and implementations)

Configures the maven-compiler-plugin to generate 1.4 bytecode (same trick as for the Felix framework)

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Fixed Felix-3155

Applied the patch from German Vega.

Removed wrong comment in

Applied the patch from Robert Lillack fixing FELIX-2981.

The MethodInterceptors receive a Member instead of a Method. The received object can be either a Method or a Constructor.

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Fixed Felix-2981

Applied the patch from Robert Lillack

Applied patch for FELIX-3075
Fixed FELIX-3036

The iPOJO Extender now tries to use the IPOJO-Components header if the bundle does not contain the iPOJO-Components header in its bundle manifest.

Fixed FELIX-2995

Trigger service registration updates only when there is really an update.

Fixed FELIX-2989

Avoid to get a registration-unregistration-registration sequence when using a service controller initialized to true.

Fixed FELIX-2932

The ipojo.processing.synchronous=true system property disables the thread used by iPOJO to process bundles.

Removed tabs
[FELIX-2907] Applied patch.
Fixed FELIX-2902

Before adding a service property by propagation, checks whether the property is not already existing.

[FELIX-2893] Enabled propagation by default
Avoid a deadlock when updating the service properties.
Fix FELIX-2781 Expose the implementation class as service when no interfaces are found in the hierachy

Update the changelog

Add tests to check FELIX-2781

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Avoid a potential NPE in arch

Clean the output of the manipulator during annotation processing.

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Avoid cleaning registration maps when an instance is disposed. This avoids the injection of null when a callback is called after the instance destruction.
Remove a dependency on Java 1.4 (crash on CDC)