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Fix FELIX-3451

Replace name by

Fix FELIX-3323:

Ipojo composite throw ClassCastException when configuration is updated thru ConfigAdmin

Several issues:

* A wrong cast

* The reconfiguration was not propagated to instances

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Fixed FELIX-3130.

The instance handler must not try to instantiate the composite from where it came. The instance configuration didn't ignore the 'component' attribute correctly.

Fix FELIX-2746 Composite should support instance configuration

Composite configuration is now appended to component instance (<instance>) and service instance configuration (<service action="instantiate">).

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Release Preparation - Update changelog

Cosmetic fix

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Improve security checks

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Composite Architecture displays internal services.
* Fix FELIX-1427

Service dependencies are not able to be injected as smart proxies (generated in bytecode). However the proxies ensure the service object set synchronization.

By default fields now receive proxies (default behavior can be set with the ipojo.depednency.proxy-enabled|disabled system property).

* Fix an interception bug on constructors

* Fix import / package packages of composites and temporal handler as now the core embeds ASM

* Add a classloading issue in the temporal dependencies (Bad classloader)

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Fix issue FELIX-1906

Provide a 'modified' callback when an injected service is modified.

This commit:

modify the dependency model to support such callback

update the handlers

extends the api

provides the annotation

modify the XSD schema

Add tests

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Fix issue FELIX-1302.

The ignoreAnnotation argument was ignored.

Some cosmetic bugs in preparation to the next release.

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Fix issue Felix-1159

Add a 'version' attribute to component type and instances allowing to select the component type version when an instance is declared.

<component classname="..." version="1.0"/>

<component classname="..." version="1.1"/>

<instance component="..." version="1.0"/> -> Use the version 1.0

<instance component="..." version="1.1"/> -> Use the version 1.1

<instance component="..."/> -> Any version

This commit also define the "bundle" constant reusing the bundle version:

<component classname="..." version="bundle"/> -> Use the bundle version

The API also supports the version API, add a getVersion method in the ComponentTypeDescription and in the Factory interface.

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Fix issue Felix-1002

Static binding policy now stop the entire instance and restart it when the dependency is broken. POJO objects are lost, and service tracking is reinitialized (this means that services may be injected in a different order).

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Fix issue 994.

Give a correct list (containing ProvidedService objects) to the handler description. This will avoid the class cast exception.

Improve error handling in the Composite Service Context

The extender does no more hold the lock to start the management of already installed bundles (Felix-985)

Improve the maven-junit4osgi-plugin: Report are now in the surefire-report folder, possibility to enable/disable System.out and System.err, allow configuring Felix.

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- Refactor instance descriptions to fit with the new introspection and reconfiguration API (instances will be reconfigurable directly from their instance description).

- Prepare the moving of junit4osgi (leave the example folder)

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Fix issue Felix-853.

iPOJO has a new service object creation strategy allowing creating an object per asking instance. Moreover, new strategies can be created (by implementing CreationStrategy).

The 'factory' attribute of the 'provides' becomes 'strategy' which makes more sense.

Commit the creation strategy test suite.

Improve the efficiency of Properties and Callbacks.

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Fix issue Felix-815.

Properties becomes optional by default.

Unvalued properties are not published with the service reference until they receive a value.

Setter methods are not called until properties receive a value

Injected values in fields follow standard Java initialization (null for object and arrays, 0 for numeric types, false for boolean).

Mandatory properties can be set with the 'mandatory' attribute (supported in XML and in the annotations).

The core.xsd XML Schema is also modified to add the new attribute.

This improvement allows removing default value in properties (such as in the architecture handlers).

Provides test about this new improvement

Fix issue Felix-816

The comparator attribute is now supported for any binding policy.

Provides test about using custom comparator with any binding policy

Fix issue Felix-817

Solve an issue in the ServiceExporter when a service in unregistered twice (throws an IllegalStateException since a recent modification of the Felix framework).

Fix issue Felix-818

Implement the ServiceReferenceImpl compareTo method (method added in OSGi R4.1). This method reuse the same implementation as the Felix framework ServiceReferenceImpl method.

Remove junit4osgi embedded tests

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Fix issue Felix-797.

When the arch command introspects an iPOJO composite instance, contained instances were displayed several times. Moreover, there was a redundancy between the instance handler description and the contained instance part of the composite structure description. Instances are described twice.

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Fixes several cosmetic bugs (error messages).

Adds a mechanism avoiding double injection of properties.

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Fix issue Felix-688 and Felix-689

Improve error reporting when an instance creation failed

Modify the management of the 'name' property (deprecated) in order to use the '' property.

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Fix the issue Felix-637 about stack size error when a composite uses a long.

Update annotations to reflect changes about factory name computation (add the public_factory attribute).

Some cosmetic fixes too as well as tests on recent features.

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Fix the Felix-622 issue

This change avoid iPOJO to use twice the same factory to fulfill a service instance.

Commit the documentation of core, ant task, maven plugin and arch

Change the NOTICE file format

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Add the HandlerFactory interface to avoid the ClassCastException when proxying factories (Issue Felix-552)

As a consequence, the archi command now target this kind of factory.

Some tests have been updated to reflect this change.

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Fix some minor formatting issue

Improve a log message in composite service providing

Change the log level of a useless message

Modify external handler tests to check when the namespace (o the external handler) is not the class name.

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Commit the new iPOJO version (0.7.6).
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