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Fixed FELIX-3078 and FELIX-3079

The new manipulation process is now easily embeddable and the process can be extended.

Thanks to Guillaume Sauthier for this hard work.

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Fix FELIX-2755 Allow the manipulator and the different front end to use several metadata files

Modify some test projects to use this new feature.

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Fix issue FELIX-1302.

The ignoreAnnotation argument was ignored.

Some cosmetic bugs in preparation to the next release.

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Reduce drastically the size of the manipulator.

It does no more embed Xerces, but rely on any Sax parser implementation exporting org.xml.sax.

The main result is the reduction of the online manipulator size to 150Kb (instead of 1Mb).

Fix the junit4OSGi notice file : it does not includes OSGi code

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Fix issue Felix-943.

The new manipulator is now able to manipulate class from a directory.

In this mode, the manifest location can also be set (by default META-INF/MANIFEST.MF).

The Ant task was modified to support this mode.

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Fix issue Felix-828

The JMX Handler name attribute creates correctly the name part of the MBean objectname.

Fix issue Felix-829

The JMX Handler property and method sub-elements should use the JMX handler namespace to be compliant with the XML Schema.

Fix issue Felix-830

Simplify the custom annotation processing to avoid using id/parent attributes.

Fix issue Felix-825

Provide annotations for the JMX handler

Update pom files to use the RAT plugin (allowing to automatically check missing license)

Update pom files to use the Checkstyle plugin (check automatically code format)

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Fix issue Felix-813.

XML-Schemas are now embedded in the manipulator. The manipulator tries to use those files to validate the metadata.xml file. If a schema cannot be loaded "internally", the regular downloading process continue.

The internal resolution of schema can also be skipped by setting the ignoreEmbeddedSchemas parameter:

Ant: ignoreEmbeddedSchemas="true" attribute in the iPOJO task

Maven: <ignoreEmbeddedSchemas>true</ignoreEmbeddedSchemas> in the iPOJO plugin configuration

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Fix issue Felix-795.

Improve metadata and manipulator performances by avoiding useless object construction, code and invocations

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A bunch of cosmetic fixes.
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Commit the new iPOJO version (0.7.6).
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Commit the patch for the FELIX-398 issue.

Adapt a little the patch to propagate the ignoreAnnotation flag to the manipulator.

Update the Ant task to support the ignoreAnnotation attribute.

Now, iPOJO Core and Arch set this flag to true to improve compilation time.

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Defines an Ant Task to create iPOJO Bundles.
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