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FELIX-5952 fixed url to HC executor config
FELIX-6016 Moved FormattingResultLog to package org.apache.felix.hc.api
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FELIX-6016 Moved HealthCheckMetadata to package org.apache.felix.hc.api.execution
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FELIX-6011 improved documentation on web console form page
FELIX-6011 Introduce tag "default" to be used if no tags are passed to health check executor
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FELIX-5952 Initial commit of Felix Health Checks (as contributed by sister project Apache Sling)
  1. ./test/java/org/apache/felix/hc/webconsole
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  2. ./main/java/org/apache/felix/hc/webconsole/impl
  3. ./test/java/org/apache/felix/hc/webconsole/impl
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