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FELIX-6046 - fix gogo shell thread interrupt.
FELIX-6038: pull Java 7 support back in for gogo runtime,shell and console
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[gogo] fix javadoc errors

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
FELIX-5970 follow up work, fix anno package name, add cap&req versions, propertytype, etc.

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
FELIX-5970 Add requirement & capabilities model so gogo can be resolved

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
FELIX-5999 cleanup compiler warnings

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

  1. … 32 more files in changeset.
[FELIX-5857] Provide a context classloader on the session to help with class loading
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
[FELIX-5835][gogo] Code cleanup
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[gogo] Upgrade packages and bundles versions to 1.0.0
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FELIX-3494 - suppress printing of motd

- make some of the arguments of Gosh itself available to the shell;

- add an "quiet" option to suppress printing of the motd.

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FELIX-4345 - listen to both IPv4 & IPv6 when ip is empty:

- when an empty IP parameter is given, telnetd now binds to all network addresses.

FELIX-4375 - cleanup.
FELIX-4375 - improve stream handling:

- improve the reading of gosh scripts from URLs using the proposed patch.

FELIX-5077 / FELIX-3331 - more reliable shutdown

- fix some infrastructure/Maven related issues causing the build to break at

unexpected moments;

- introduced a base test case that properly created and destroys the parsing

context (prevents unexpected test failures);

- shut down the shell thread correctly;

- some other minor issues fixed.

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
[FELIX-5021] Use the system bundle to find bundles to look at for shell and info wiring commands
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
FELIX-4679 - Revert patch for FELIX-4671:

- revert patch for expression support as the parser couldn't cope

with the double parenthesises properly for non-expressions.

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FELIX-4529 look for gosh_profile in bundle at /ext to allow fragment to over-ride.

FELIX-3706 loop to wait for gosh command to be registered, rather than just wait for 100ms.

FELIX-3340 Allow the prompt to be a Function
FELIX-3341 Implement csh-like command line history
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listen on by default; add --ip to specify listen address. FELIX-2767

remove -i alias for --nointeractive FELIX-2661

added --nointeractive flag to gosh. FELIX-2661

Use BundleContext.getProperty() rather System.getProperty(). (FELIX-2543)

Use felix namespace packages and add mandatory attribute. (FELIX-2441)

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close all sessions when runtime is stopped (FELIX-2545).

quit console if session is closed.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
FELIX-2477 fix procedural commands parameter inheritance

FELIX-2441: Restore backward compatibility on gogo
  1. … 46 more files in changeset.
Use org.apache.felix package namespace instead of org.osgi. (FELIX-2367)

  1. … 36 more files in changeset.
register telnetd command directly, rather than via Shell.