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Changeset 1868510 is being indexed.

[FELIX-6191] [gogo][jline] The cd command should normalize the directory
[FELIX-6033] This closes #166
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[FELIX-6030] This closes #167
[FELIX-5968] This closes #158
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FELIX-5970 follow up work, fix anno package name, add cap&req versions, propertytype, etc.

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

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FELIX-5970 Add requirement & capabilities model so gogo can be resolved

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

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FELIX-5999 cleanup compiler warnings

Signed-off-by: Raymond Auge <>

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[FELIX-5869] [goto][jline] Weird error if the script contains unicode characters
[FELIX-5857] Provide a context classloader on the session to help with class loading
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[FELIX-5835][gogo] Code cleanup
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[FELIX-5837][gogo][jline] Improve styling support
[FELIX-5833][gogo][jline] Fix parser to support quotes and escape characters
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[FELIX-5834][gogo][jline] Upgrade to a recent JLine version
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[FELIX-5822][gogo][jline] Improve syntax of procedural functions
[FELIX-5651] Disable log history in Gogo console

Fixes #112

[FELIX-5714] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException running history | grep
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[FELIX-5687] Do not use the threaded streams when passing the input stream to a command
[gogo][jline] Guard against infinite loops in the highlighter
[gogo][jline] Support new less options if available
[FELIX-5629][gogo][jline] When a job is in the foreground, the shell should wait for its completion
[gogo][jline] Let jline use defaults for better detection
[gogo][jline] Print a slighly nicer message when an exception is caught from a posix command instead of "null"
[FELIX-5600] System streams are not correctly set when running a new shell
[FELIX-5598][gogo][jline] Support the JLine ttop function if available
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[FELIX-5596] Allow to configure the colors for the gogo grep command
[FELIX-5594][gogo][jline] Make sure the highlighter supports custom attributes containing non color attributes
[FELIX-5594][gogo][jline] Improve color support for ls/grep and syntax highlighting
[gogo][jline] Use the terminal to print the stopping message
[gogo][jline] Remove unused imports
[FELIX-5584] [gogo][jline] Remove dependency on LineReaderImpl