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Add missing org.w3c.dom.xpath package to defaults
FELIX-5877: Add missing org.w3c.dom exports
FELIX-5754: remove an unnessary continutation from the system package export property.
FELIX-5742: Add a felix.detect.jpms property that maps to jpms and use that in the default properties to be able to work with future java versions ootb (just using the current java9 definitions).
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FELIX-5721: Make javafx packages available by default on java9 if they are there.
FELIX-5717: Add correct definitions of packages export from java9 standard modules and their uses constraints.
Fix an error in the java9 package list. This closes #111.
Add correct EE and system package versions for java9 (FELIX-5646). This closes #108.
Add missing
Add Windows Server 2016 to the default native aliases (FELIX-5553) - This closes #93.
Fix java8 packages and add java9 packages in (FELIX-5329).
FELIX-5184 Regression: Native JNA bundle cannot be installed on Windows Server 2012

Patch applied on behalf of Tobias Niehues with many thanks!

FELIX-5064 Framework should provide service capabilities for registered services

FELIX-5014 - Support Windows 10 for Bundle-NativeCode Thanks Yang,BongYeol!
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FELIX-4905 Framework does not export org.osgi.service.resolver

FELIX-3883 Updated instructions.
FELIX-3883 Brokeup the os and processor configs into separate property keys.
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FELIX-4757 Allow felix processor and os name aliases to be loaded from config and default properties files
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FELIX-4593 : Support the JavaSE/compact profiles for Java 8
FELIX-4590 : [Core R6] Update to R6 API
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Add preliminary Java 8 JRE package definition. (FELIX-3786)

Move framework to OSGi R5 API. (FELIX-3504)

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Remove erroneous Java 1.5 package. (FELIX-2572)

Remove impl-specific packages from JRE "uses" constraints. (FELIX-2572)

Initial pass at adding "uses" constraints for JRE packages. Still

need to edit out some impl-specific JRE packages. (FELIX-2572)

Update JRE exports to match packages specified in corresponding JavaDoc

for each platform. (FELIX-2572)

Add some more execution environments. (FELIX-3038)

Implement generic capabilities for the system bundle. (FELIX_3502)

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We included Service Tracker 1.5. (FELIX-2950)

Export OSGi API packages for hooks, etc. (FELIX-2950)