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FELIX-5914: Workaround SecurityManager.getClassContext returning null on Android
FELIX-5917: Fix BundlePermission check for fragments
Clean-up: use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer everywhere.
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FELIX-5889: make extension bundle capabilities be indexed by the resolver.
FELIX-5886: Only log errors if we can't load the bytes of an existing entry and not if the entry doesn't exist at all.
Update framework version to 1.9
FELIX-5875: allow to be given via the framework properties.
FELIX-5874: Make URLHandlersContentHandlerProxy.getBuiltIn return the cached handler if any.
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FELIX-5800: minor refactoring to not do the prop sub twice.
FELIX-5828: Remove support for android.
FELIX-5800: Fix a small bug when calculating on > java9.
FELIX-5800: fix a bug where we where using the wrong properties map.
FELIX-5870: Don't allow relative path instructions in bundleclasspath to prevent access outside the bundle cache.
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[FELIX-5807] Do not hide the cause when a problem occurs in URLHandlersStreamHandlerProxy
FELIX-5759: map protocol instead of URLHandler to URL for builtin handlers to support handlers that handle more than one protocol.
FELIX-5742: Add a felix.detect.jpms property that maps to jpms and use that in the default properties to be able to work with future java versions ootb (just using the current java9 definitions).
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FELIX-1974: provide a way to extend the framework to support boot class path extsion bundles.
FELIX-5727: Refactor extension bundle support to allow for custom classloader appenders and to add extension bundles when loaded with java9 PlattformClassLoader.
FELIX-5725: Cache lookup of jdk.internal.reflection classes to prevent high cpu usage when a lot of reflection is used on java9.
FELIX-5719: Require felix.systempackages.substitution=true to enable substitution.
FELIX-5718: Autodetect java9 modules available.
FELIX-5719: add property substitution to eval of user defined system.packages as well as extra.
FELIX-5720: Use PlatformClassLoader as default instead of boot classloader on java9 - inspired by a patch from Ingo Bauersachs. Thanks. (This closes #121).
FELIX-5709: Only return hosts in the HOST_NAMESPACE from PackageAdmin.getHosts.
FELIX-5707: don't require osname and processor parameters for native libs.
FELIX-5665: Delegate class loads for sun.reflect.Generated* classes correctly and cache the result (both, hit and miss) in order to speed up the class lookup. Solution based on a patch provided by Anil Attuluri - Thanks! (This closes #116)
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FELIX-5676: throw an IllegalStateException if a bundle tries to modify its own state via update or uninstall while holding its lock in the STARTING or STOPPING state.
FELIX-5672 Cannot launch Felix on Raspberry Pi: problem with normalizeOSVersion()

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Fix a typo
FELIX-5652: Force the resolver threads to be daemons so that they don't stop the jvm from terminating.