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FELIX-5665: Delegate class loads for sun.reflect.Generated* classes correctly and cache the result (both, hit and miss) in order to speed up the class lookup. Solution based on a patch provided by Anil Attuluri - Thanks! (This closes #116)
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FELIX-5676: throw an IllegalStateException if a bundle tries to modify its own state via update or uninstall while holding its lock in the STARTING or STOPPING state.
FELIX-5672 Cannot launch Felix on Raspberry Pi: problem with normalizeOSVersion()

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Fix a typo
FELIX-5652: Force the resolver threads to be daemons so that they don't stop the jvm from terminating.
[FELIX-5649] Refreshing a fragment causes the framework to be restarted
Normalize os.version in framework properties (FELIX-4695).
Improve native OS version sanitation (FELIX-4696).
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Change the fallback for windows native code to win32 (FELIX-5574). This closes #95. Furthermore, add support for windows server 2016 in the normalizeOsName (FELIX-5553).
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Make the empty ImmutableList a singelton to reduce memory usage similar to the ImmutableMap (FELIX-5589).
Normalize require capabilites the same way we normalize provide capabilites as per spec (FELIX-5604).
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Make the empty ImmutableMap a singleton to improve memory usage (This closes #97).
FELIX-5593 Specify ARM processor Endianness

Patch applied on behalf of Kerry Billingham with many thanks!

This closes

Don't return null but throw a CNFE from BundleClassloader.loadclass and Bundle.loadClass on recursive class loads (FELIX-5573).
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Add a possible workaround for JNLPClassLoader problems in ShutdownHook (FELIX-4837) - This closes #94.
Don't take implicit boot delegation into account on service assignability check (FELIX-5544).
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Implement FelixResolveContext.getSubstitutionWires(Wiring) (FELIX-5547).
Replace some tabs with spaces (urgs).
Replace some tabs with spaces (urgs).
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Improve exception message when bundle update fails and improve the handling of concurrent bundle updates by waiting for STARTING and STOPPING bundles if possible (FELIX-5528,FELIX-5138).
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Add a workaround for a cornercase where service factories expect the usage to still be there while ungetting the service object (FELIX-5485).
FELIX-5513 : Remove code for pre java 5
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[FELIX-5485] ServiceReference#getUsingBundles() returns usages with 0 count
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Use some more generics - no code change
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Don't shutdown resolver executor for now as it happens in the wrong place which makes the framework unable to start again.
Cleanup StatefulResolver a bit
[FELIX-5384] EventDispatcher#createWhitelistFromHooks fails under security
[FELIX-5384] EventDispatcher#createWhitelistFromHooks fails under security
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[FELIX-5372] BundleWiring#getClassLoader should return null for fragments
[FELIX-5247] Reduce number of threads created by Resolver during a startup of OSGi-based applications