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Changeset 690277 is being indexed.

Throw an exception when installing a fragment that uses features that we

do not support.

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We were not correctly checking attributes when resolving dynamic imports.

We were creating our requirement using a filter instead of directives and

attributes and a requirement constructed in this fashion does not check

anything other than what is in the filter. Changed dynamic import resolution

to use the directive/attribute constructor of Requirement instead. (FELIX-676)

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Implements singleton support, but we still need to test it more and perhaps

improve its performance. (FELIX-102)

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Modified manifest parser to be more lenient when reading the manifest version;

now it trims() the string after reading it to ignore whitespace. (FELIX-641)

Adds support for the standard symbolic name for the system bundle; however,

to actually allow bundles to require the system bundle it was necessary to

modify the system bundle so that it added the appropriate capability so that

it could be required like normal bundles. The utility of this is questionable,

but it is correct with respect to the spec. (FELIX-602)

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Initial patch to address fragment support. The included patch is only the

first step and is very minimal; specifically, it makes it possible to use

fragments to extend the host bundle's class path and nothing more. It

is not intended for real use yet, since the fragments are not hooked into

the update/refresh mechanism of Package Admin. (FELIX-29)

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Minor code optimization: remove unnecessary null assignments.
Refactored the IContent abstraction from the module loader layer to provide

more generic access to the content of the module, which then makes it possible

for IContentLoader implementations to interpret the content as they see fit;

previously, the content loader impl's bundle class path interpretation was

not self-contained and had to be handled externally. The main reason this

was necessary was to make it possible for the content loader to calculate

the class path of a bundle itself and to make it possible that the bundle's

class path could span multiple module's, which will be necessary for fragments

(FELIX-29). This patch refactors the bundle cache to implement the new

IContent mechanisms.

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Improve native code loading - bundle installation will now fail in case a native library is not in the jar and we only use the first library of a given name. Furthermore, we now support .dylib extensions on the mac as well as others (should make it possible to use .netmodules as well) FELIX-439.
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Make the win32 alias match any version of windows for native clauses (FELIX-438).
Enable support for exporting the same package more then once (FELIX-101).
Fixed to the new boilerplate license header.
Fixed another version matching-related issue that was uncovered due to

the last fix. The parser was not assigning a default version to exported

packages that did not specify a version, thus attempts to match 0.0.0

would fail.

In an effort to clean up the Felix API in preparation for the 1.0.0 release,

modified the Felix constructor to accept a Map for its configuration

properties, rather than a PropertyResolver. This allowed us to delete

four unneeded PropertyResolver-related classes. Modified the various

code that was impacted by these changes, including the launcher. (FELIX-324)

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Fixed a bug that was causing the resolver to match against invalid candidates.

This bug was introduced during the resolver refactoring for require-bundle.

Reasonably major refactoring of the Felix class to implement the Bundle

interface; now the Felix instance is the System Bundle instance. This

involved creating a new abstract Bundle base class, called FelixBundle,

which both Felix and BundleImpl now implement.

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move felix to tlp
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