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Changeset 605027 is being indexed.

Make the win32 alias match any version of windows for native clauses (FELIX-438).
Enable support for exporting the same package more then once (FELIX-101).
Fixed to the new boilerplate license header.
Fixed another version matching-related issue that was uncovered due to

the last fix. The parser was not assigning a default version to exported

packages that did not specify a version, thus attempts to match 0.0.0

would fail.

In an effort to clean up the Felix API in preparation for the 1.0.0 release,

modified the Felix constructor to accept a Map for its configuration

properties, rather than a PropertyResolver. This allowed us to delete

four unneeded PropertyResolver-related classes. Modified the various

code that was impacted by these changes, including the launcher. (FELIX-324)

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Fixed a bug that was causing the resolver to match against invalid candidates.

This bug was introduced during the resolver refactoring for require-bundle.

Reasonably major refactoring of the Felix class to implement the Bundle

interface; now the Felix instance is the System Bundle instance. This

involved creating a new abstract Bundle base class, called FelixBundle,

which both Felix and BundleImpl now implement.

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move felix to tlp
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