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Changeset 1836072 is being indexed.

FELIX-5889: make extension bundle capabilities be indexed by the resolver.
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FELIX-5707: don't require osname and processor parameters for native libs.
FELIX-5672 Cannot launch Felix on Raspberry Pi: problem with normalizeOSVersion()

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Improve native OS version sanitation (FELIX-4696).
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Change the fallback for windows native code to win32 (FELIX-5574). This closes #95. Furthermore, add support for windows server 2016 in the normalizeOsName (FELIX-5553).
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Normalize require capabilites the same way we normalize provide capabilites as per spec (FELIX-5604).
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FELIX-5593 Specify ARM processor Endianness

Patch applied on behalf of Kerry Billingham with many thanks!

This closes

Use some more generics - no code change
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FELIX-5014 - Added case for Windows versions with no space.
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FELIX-5014 - Support Windows 10 for Bundle-NativeCode Thanks Yang,BongYeol!
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FELIX-5010 - Bundle-NativeCode: * should function the same as the absence of a Bundle-NativeCode entry.
FELIX-3883 Brokeup the os and processor configs into separate property keys.
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FELIX-4757 Allow felix processor and os name aliases to be loaded from config and default properties files
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FELIX-4736 Refactor R4Library and R4LibraryClause to NativeLibrary and NativeLibraryClause respectively.
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FELIX-4729 Added ability to convert Bundle-NativeCode to Require-Capability as defined in R6 spec.
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Fix formatting and slightly expand comment.

[FELIX-4534] Addresses an issue with native code bundles on Windows 7

Includes unit test

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[FELIX-4353] Fix for BundleWiringTests.testRequiredExecutionEnvironment()

Modify extension bundle parsing to assume "framework" is the default value

for the extension directive on extension bundle Fragment-Host headers. (FELIX-4355)

Implement osgi.identity namespace for fragments. Fixes FELIX-4324.

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FELIX-3868 : Adding osgi.identity namespace to bundles (resources). Apply patch from David Bosschaert
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Don't allow generic capabilities or requirements to the osgi.wiring namespace. (FELIX-3618)

Apply patch (FELIX-3844) to add some more Windows OS aliases.

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Delimited string parser was not correctly handling escaping of the escape

character. (FELIX-3632)

[FELIX-3612] Fix native library loading problems on OS X
Add Windows 2008 platform for native libraries. (FELIX-3363)

Improve handling of "fragment" bundles that are not R4 bundles. (FELIX-3343)

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When populating candidates, we need to check for a failed result

after recursing since cycles may cause the resolving revision to

fail in a deeper recursion. We weren't checking this previously,

which caused us to ignore failures in some cases. (FELIX-3178)

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Fixed bug in OSGi header parsing where escapes weren't being handled properly. (FELIX-3194)

Make the parsing more lenient.