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Changeset 1559832 is being indexed.

Modify extension bundle parsing to assume "framework" is the default value

for the extension directive on extension bundle Fragment-Host headers. (FELIX-4355)

Implement osgi.identity namespace for fragments. Fixes FELIX-4324.

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FELIX-3868 : Adding osgi.identity namespace to bundles (resources). Apply patch from David Bosschaert
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Don't allow generic capabilities or requirements to the osgi.wiring namespace. (FELIX-3618)

Apply patch (FELIX-3844) to add some more Windows OS aliases.

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Delimited string parser was not correctly handling escaping of the escape

character. (FELIX-3632)

[FELIX-3612] Fix native library loading problems on OS X
Add Windows 2008 platform for native libraries. (FELIX-3363)

Improve handling of "fragment" bundles that are not R4 bundles. (FELIX-3343)

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When populating candidates, we need to check for a failed result

after recursing since cycles may cause the resolving revision to

fail in a deeper recursion. We weren't checking this previously,

which caused us to ignore failures in some cases. (FELIX-3178)

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Fixed bug in OSGi header parsing where escapes weren't being handled properly. (FELIX-3194)

Make the parsing more lenient.
Rewrite code to parse the standard OSGi manifest header (FELIX-2973).
Move singleton selection back into the resolver state, in preparation

for implementing resolver hook singleton selection. (FELIX-2986)

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The '.' character is not allowed as a package name. (FELIX-3085)

Minor changes to manifest parser filter creation. (FELIX-2950)

Add missing R4.3 RESOLUTION_DYNAMIC constants. (FELIX-2950)

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Bundle/host capabilities and host requirement can now have attributes

and directives. (FELIX-2950)

Move utility method for creating SimpleFilters from BundleRequirementImpl

to SimpleFilter. (FELIX-2950)

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OSGi R4.3 requires that we synthesize a filter directive for standard

bundle requirements (e.g., Import-Package). (FELIX-2950)

Effectively rollback FELIX-2466 since OSGi R4.3 now allows

arbitrary attributes to be passed through from bundle header.


Implement BundleWiring.isInUse() and don't add host capability

for hosts that disallow fragments. (FELIX-2950)

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Implement most of the functionality for resolver hooks (FELIX-2986) along

with some other changes for R4.3 API (FELIX-2950).

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Use R4.3 capability namespaces where possible. (FELIX-2950)

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Very rough support for generic capabilities and requirements. The parser

needs to be improved. (FELIX-2973)

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Implement byte-code weaving hooks. (FELIX-2959)

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Rollback to where we were before the failed 3.2.2 release and reapply

correct patch for FELIX-2935.

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Rollback after failed release.
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Merge dynamic imports into normal imports. (FELIX-2950)

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Replace internal Module abstraction with BundleRevision.

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