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Changeset 1078140 is being indexed.

Move singleton handling into the resolver. (FELIX-2859)

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Fix logic bug. (FELIX-2789)

Fix native library extension matching; previously it was skipping

the last extension. (FELIX-2789)

Add appropriate bundle to log messages. (FELIX-2555)

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Strip unknown attributes from Fragment-Host header. (FELIX-2466)

Fix some headers.

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Rewrite of the new prototype resolver's core data structure and algorithm.

The code still needs a bit of cleaning, but this captures the nearly fully

working algorithm for safety before tinkering with it. (FELIX-2035,

FELIX-2036, FELIX-2037)

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Remove duplicate code for checking substrings. (FELIX-2035)

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Minor edits to the resolver and editing of some "to do" tasks. (FELIX-2035)

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Warning message was being incorrectly displayed.

Improve error message.

Improve generic capability/requirement abstraction and prepare for

for new resolver implementation. (FELIX-2036, FELIX-2035)

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Minor reformatting. (FELIX-1969)

[FELIX-1969] include Windows 7 and 2003 in OS name handling
Obey fragment host version ranges. (FELIX-1795)

Removed PackageSource class from resolver to avoid unnecessary object allocations

and simplify data structure management. (FELIX-1781)

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Fix a typo in framework discovery in URLHandlersBundleURLConnection (FELIX-1698)
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Be extra safe and check for null, even though it shouldn't happen. (FELIX-1580)

We need to check to see if we have additional native library

extensions before accessing them. (FELIX-1580)

Preserve order of import declarations. (FELIX-1432)

Use OSGi R4.2 implementations of AdminPermission, FrameworkUtil, and

FilterImpl. (FELIX-1404)

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Accept "*" for dynamic imports. (FELIX-1400)

Ensure that partial package name wild carding does not work for

either boot delegation or dynamic imports. For boot delegation

we know treat it as part of the package name (i.e., ignore it)

and for dynamic imports we throw a parsing exception. (FELIX-1400)

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Moved native library verification to the resolver, since the spec

says they are resolve-time checks, not install-time checks. Also

fixed a bug in OS version parsing. (FELIX-1360)

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Look in fragments for native libraries. (FELIX-1134)

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Add support for configurable native library extensions. (FELIX-1298)

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Implement include/exclude directives for activation policy. (FELIX-749)

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Start laying some groundwork for lazy activation. (FELIX-749)

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Properly attach BSN/BV to extension bundle exports when attached to system

bundle. (FELIX-1123)

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Modified fragment support to allow exact matches in overlapping

requirements. (FELIX-29)

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