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Changeset 987219 is being indexed.

Modify CapabilitySet to have a flag indicating whether its indexing

is case sensitive or not. (FELIX-2548)

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Need to special case substring matching when there is no wildcard

to simply perform equals() comparison. (FELIX-2473)

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To pass the OSGi CT we must let an exception bubble up. (FELIX-2039)

Various cleanup. (FELIX-2035)

CapabilitySet should ignore case when indexing attributes, since this

is necessary for service properties. (FELIX-2040)

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Substring operator is false for types other than string and

it should obey escape characters. (FELIX-2039)

Rewrite of the new prototype resolver's core data structure and algorithm.

The code still needs a bit of cleaning, but this captures the nearly fully

working algorithm for safety before tinkering with it. (FELIX-2035,

FELIX-2036, FELIX-2037)

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Remove duplicate code for checking substrings. (FELIX-2035)

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Modify service registry to use a CapabilitySet for indexed service

lookup. (FELIX-2040)

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Fix some bugs in approximate operator. (FELIX-2039)

Add approximate operator and fix a couple bugs. (FELIX-2039)

Add PRESENT operator to new filter impl. (FELIX-2039)

More improvements to new filter impl. (FELIX-2039)

Improvements to new filter implementation. (FELIX-2039)

Reimplement resolver to improve "worst case" performance. (FELIX-2037, FELIX-2035)

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Improve generic capability/requirement abstraction and prepare for

for new resolver implementation. (FELIX-2036, FELIX-2035)

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Initial version of new filter implementation. (FELIX-2039)

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