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FELIX-518 - add unit test for signed DPs:

- created utility to create signed deployment packages for use in itests;

- verify that signed DPs are correctly installed;

- some small cleanups and typos fixed.

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FELIX-518 - support localization and signature files:

- ignore signature files (for now);

- allow localization files to precede bundle files.

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Minor fixes and updates:

- bumped Felix DM and MetaType to latest versions;

- use correct version of Felix parent POM (to solve compilation problems when running Maven from the command line);

- made the AutoConf processor a little more verbose when it stumbles upon wrong resource definitions.

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Minor updates:

- fixed failing itest, which was due to the changes of FELIX-3780;

- updated Felix framework used in itests to latest released one.

FELIX-4491, FELIX-4718, FELIX-4719:

- (large patch due to unexpected downtime of SVN);

- added support for non-processed resources in deployment packages, which

makes the Felix DP a little more compliant to the OSGi specification. This

should fix FELIX-4491 (and FELIX-4516 as well?);

- reviewed and fixed the snapshot creation/restore functionality used for

the data area of bundles that are upgraded. Both pieces of functionality

were broken and in desparate need of fixing. Added several tests to cover

this functionality.

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FELIX-3780 - allow DA to be configured through ConfigAdmin:

- missed a system property used to process preprocessed resources;

- refactored the single property into a configuration object to allow future

extensions without an explosion of methods on DeploymentAdminImpl.

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FELIX-3780 - allow DA to be configured by ConfigAdmin:

- register the DA implementation also as managed service with PID


- it accepts a single property "stopUnaffectedBundle" which should

be "true" or "false";

- when no configuration is supplied, the fallback is to use the old

framework/system property:


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Updated to use latest logback for itest.
Removed logback as it appears to be a memory hog.
Simplify the usage of the DA API:

- add a convience method to return the number of installed DPs;

- add a convience method to install a DP that closes the input stream after

the DA is finished.

Fixed failing itests.
FELIX-4471 - added missing license headers.
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FELIX-4466 - DA does not always fire events

- make sure that an event is fired, even when a deployment operation


- added integration tests to verify this behaviour.

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ACE-4463 - make sure DA does not try to install DPs with non-unique resources.

- added checks during the creation of an AbstractDeploymentPackage;

- added itests verifying this behaviour for bundles.

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- improve logging in case a bundle update fails by including the BSN

and version(s);

- made the update commands a little more resilient againts unchecked

exceptions to ensure that an (un)installation of a DP always yields

a DeploymentException in case of failures;

- added JUnit test to test the behaviour of DA when an invalid DP is

given (e.g., containing two bundles with the same BSN).

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FELIX-4184 Added a test case that shows the failure described in the issue. Did not yet commit a fix, so it will now fail.
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FELIX-4167: added integration test for fragment bundles.

Added a whole collection of tests to ensure that DeploymentAdmin conforms to the specification and works correctly. Refactored some of the code. Specifically modified the uninstall behavior to make it spec compliant.
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