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FELIX-4699: Build broken as old snapshots are referenced.

Now, the samples are using released 3.2.0 artifact versions, and the test is using current snapshot versions.

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fixed artifacts version: core, shell, annotation, and runtime articacts are all using version 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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removed comment in the testDynamicComponentStateListingLifeCycle2() method
using org.apache.felix.configadmin 1.8.0
FELIX-3910: removing the two race tests because they are reproducing too much race conditions issues, which

can't be easily fixed in the current trunk (all the race conditions have been fixed in the upcomming dependencymanager 4.0 release).

Finalized this test before committing my version in the sandbox.

Use org.apache.felix.configadmin-1.8.1-SNAPSHOT, because the ServiceRaceTest requires the configadmin fix from FELIX-4385.

Cleaned test. Replaced CopyOnWriteArrayList by ConcurrentLinkedQueue. Ensure that aspects are called in the proper order.

Added more checks. This test is now fully operational with my current dm version, which I will commit soon in the sandbox.

Code cleanup: clean all components from dependency manager, at the end of the testBasicResourceAdapter method.

Code cleanup in ServiceProvider.invoke() method (the m_invoke.step(2) is not necessary).

don't clone the configuration passed to the ASpect.updated method
Modified aspect updated callback for the support of config admin null updates.

Finalized this test, which is reproducing some problems inside ConfigurationDependencyImpl.

Also, this test seems to reproduce a NPE inside config admin (see FELIX-4385).

Added event admin (1.3.2).

FELIX-3910: Added additional test for concurrent services registration (test not finished, I need to add configuration dependencies, as well as aspects ...).

Use configadmin 1.8.0; improved logging methods, using varargs in order to allow using String.format.

For example:

debug("debug message %s", object);

FELIX-4357: Renamed testPropertiesDefinedWithValueAttribute() method to testPropertiesWithTypes() method.

FELIX-4357: Added test cases for the 4357 issue.

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FELIX-4361 Applied the patch, including the suggestion from Sander Mak. Modified the existing test case to correctly terminate instead of waiting 30 seconds. Added a simpler test case that shows the problem without relying on multiple threads.
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FELIX-4294: adapted tests to the new dependency manager shell, which is now only using Gogo.
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Added tests for the FELIX-4334 issue.

FELIX-4334: Added getBundle method, which is needed by "ModifiedBundleDependencyTest" test.

FELIX-3910: Renamed some methods/class attributes starting with an underscore.

Added testAdapterWithAspectsAndPropagationNoCallbacks test
added another testAspectsWithPropagationAndNoCallbacks test
reverted to previous version and use 10 aspects per services
Use a more reasonable number of aspects per services. Configure threadpools with 4 threads at minimum, or with all available cores
added org.netbeans in boot delegation, in order to use jvisualvm
Added a testcase for an adapter which depends on some aspect services. The test validates that when

the original aspect service properties are modified, then all aspects, adapter, and client adapter service

are orderly called in their "change" callback.

[FELIX-4305] Added a testcase for Aspect service properties propagation.