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prepare for next r16 release.
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FELIX-5996: Remove generic parameter in DM Component interface
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Include workspace changelog in binary zip distribution
FELIX-5992: Do not use a global changelog for all dm modules
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Updated dm release to r14
Added force-interactive option when doing promotion.
FELIX-5967: DM does not support java9+
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Fixed commitToStaging task which should use the --force-interactive option when running svn import command. This ensures that svn credentials can be asked if needed.
FELIX-5955: Move changelog.txt to toplevel project dir. FELIX-5960: Do not supply MD5 checksum
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FELIX-5941: DM APi enhancements, FELIX-5938: DM not working with latest Felix Framework, FELIX-5937: Refactor DM bndtools/gradle project, FELIX-5683: getServiceProperties returns null instead of empty dictionary, FELIX-5336: Add support for prototype scope services in DM4, FELIX-5939: DM annotations enhancements
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FELIX-5657: DM released sources can't be rebuilt.

Incremented dmRelease to r11.

Incremented dmRelease to r10.

Incremented top level dm release to r9.
Fixed thrown exception when a bundle does not contain expected license files.

Fixed typo.

Incremented dmRelease to r8.

Improved the makeStaging task, which is now verifying if each released bundle contains proper mandatory license files under META-INF.

Updated dm release to r7
Improved the makeStaging task in order to get latest available versions from the release repo.
Incremented dm release to r6.
FELIX-5046: Gradle wrapper is not included in DM source release.

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FELIX-4921: Ensure binary equality of the same bundle between successive DM releases.

Now, before making a release, the bundles that has been really modified have to be released using the

bndtools "Release Workspace Bundles..." menu, and the releaserepo will then be used by the gradle script

when generating the staging repository.

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Incremented ext.dmRelease to r5.
Increment dm release to r4.

Updated README to remind that the ext.dmRelease has to be incremented before making a release.

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Incremented dmRelease to r3
Reworked the promoteToRelease task in order to use "svn move" instead of "svn copy".

Move to R2 for next release. Fixed promoteToRelease task which has to copy released files to location.