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Changeset 1425276 is being indexed.

FELIX-3828 Fixed both the Adapter and the Aspect filter index.
Several small performance enhancements.
FELIX-3592 Also copy the name of the swapped callback in the constructor of ServiceDependencyImpl.
FELIX-3564: Fixed memory leak in ServiceRegistryCache
A couple of fixes to prevent deadlocks where we were calling out to the framework whilst holding a lock. This seems to fix some issues in FELIX-3337 (which was failing on trunk, even though it had been resolved before) and hopefully prevents some deadlocks for which we currently have no tests.
Added an IllegalStateException in ServiceDependencyImpl in case a swap is about to be performed with two services having the same service ranking.
Reverted wrong decorator fix.
Fixed bug in swapped callback of AbstractDecorator. Instead of really swapping it re-added the old service instead of the new one.
removed not intentional import.
processed review comments on FELIX-3425.
resolved FELIX-3424, resolved FELIX-3425.
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FELIX-3423: Prevented the copy of the DependencyManager.ASPECT service property to the adapter's service properties.
Added synchronization blocks to ServiceTracker and AspectFilterIndex to solve and prevent concurrency issues.

Fixed issue in AdapterServiceImpl which did not handle aspect services correctly.

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FELIX-3186 Applied the patch, with some improvements.
FELIX-3292 Applied the second patch. Removed one callback signature that should have been removed, added @deprecated tags and some comments.
FELIX-3264 updated the shell command to show '(not tracking)' for dependencies that are not started yet
FELIX-3218 applied the patch and slightly modified it to hopefully make it even faster (creates less garbage now and the inner class is made static which should save some bytes) and removed some old, commented out code
FELIX-3042 committed the supplied patch
FELIX-3201 applied the patch
Bugfix for an IllegalStateException that occurred in the shell command because of propagated configuration items not being available. Added an explicit check.
FELIX-3057 fixed the bug
FELIX-3008 Added test and fix for this issue. If the dependency manager bundle was not yet started when indices are defined and the first bundle starts to use them, that bundle will then attempt to start the dependency manager automatically. If that fails, no indices will be used.
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Small bugfix, under certain circumstances, the filter key was not properly constructed.
Renamed the property that enables filter indices.
FELIX-2987 Fixed.
FELIX-2976 fixed the issue by checking if the key is actually in the cache with a null value
Modified the filter to properly handle the fact that keys in service properties are case insensitive.
[FELIX-2970] - Factory Configuration Adapter Service does not copy adapter dependencies.

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FELIX-2964 (NPE on some dependency manager adapters, when auto-configuration mode is disabled)
FELIX-2955 Fixed the bug by making sure that only dependency managers that still have a valid bundle context are returned.