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Changeset 1664259 is being indexed.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.bundlerepository-2.0.4
Add changelog for bundlerepository
[FELIX-3097] LocalRepository is not updated when bundles are
Upgrade bundlerepository to utils-1.8.0
[FELIX-4812] BundleRepository can be quite CPU intensive when starting a lot of bundles
[FELIX-4640] Missing framework capabilities.

This commit fixes the issue.

New unit test included.

Note that OBR still passes the OSGi R5 repository CT.

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[FELIX-4571] NullPointerException when using Repository impl with Aries subsystem impl

This commit should fix this problem.

Unit test also included.

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FELIX-4616 : BundleRepository ResourceComparator violates comparison contract
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.bundlerepository-2.0.2
Fix the NOTICES and DEPENDENCIES files to refer to included OSGi classes

Also added the generation of a Sources jar as part of the build.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.bundlerepository-2.0.0
Prepare text changelog and other text files for release.

Added fixes and updated year.

[obr] Update the org.apache.felix.utils dependency to 1.6.0

Add Import-Package org.osgi.service.repository;resolution:=mandatory as otherwise its made optional for some reason.

[FELIX-4496] Enable Bundle Repository to run as source project with m2e

Applying patch on behalf of Cristiano Gavião with many thanks.

This closes pull request #7.

[OBR] Properly translate service requirements between OBR and spec compliant namespaces

[OBR] Initialize Requirement attributes and directives with empty list.

[FELIX-4371] Last Repository 1.0 failure fixed.

These code changes make the Felix Repository pass all the CT tests.

[FELIX-4370] Additional work to support the OSGi Repository Service.

Added better support for directives.

This also fixes an OSGi Repository CT failure:


Also added a bunch of unit tests for areas not completely covered by the CT.

[FELIX-4370] Additional work to support the OSGi Repository Service.

Improved the mapping between OBR and OSGi namespaces.

This also fixes an OSGi Repository CT failure:


[FELIX-4369] Remove unneeded throws clause.

[FELIX-4369] Additional work towards support for the OSGi Repository API

This commit contains logic around parsing of list attributes from the Repository XML.

[FELIX-4368] Support custom attributes on the osgi.identity capability.

[FELIX-4368] Work toward Repository 1.0 support

This commit registers the Repository Service in the OSGi service registry and also supports parsing a few more data types from the XML.

[FELIX-4370] Support for RepositoryContent interface

Added test and also some other refactoring/improvements.

[FELIX-4368] More work to support OSGi Repository 1.0

The SHA-256 for the content capability is now lazily computated.

Additional unit tests.

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[FELIX-4369] [FELIX-4370] Initial work towards supporting the OSGi Repository 1.0 spec

This commit provides a start for support of reading the spec-compliant Repository XML. The API for reading the XML hasn't changed, however when an XML document is encountered with the http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/repository/v1.0.0 name space it is parsed as a spec-compliant Repository XML.

This commit provides a start for supporting the Repository Service API, the actual Repository Service is not yet registered, but an implementation of this API can be obtained by wrapping the RepositoryAdmin object with the OSGiRepositoryImpl class.

Part of the work is based on and inspired by the OBR-Repository mapping as used by the Apache Aries Subsystems project (thanks!).

This work is by no means finished, it's just a start. Old clients should still work (at least the existing unit tests all pass) and new unit tests were added.

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Perform null check when trying to get bundle from service reference. (FELIX-3842)