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Apply patch (FELIX-5196) to use case insensitive matching in requirements.

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FELIX-5229 BundleNamespace on Req/Cap is not translated correctly

Patch applied on behalf of PK Søreide with many thanks.

This closes #61

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FELIX-5195 Provide-Capability not being processed for Resources

Applying patch in behalf of Stephen Kahmann with many thanks.

This closes #53

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Applied patches (FELIX-5189) to fix improper parsing of capabilities.

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[FELIX-4368] Support custom attributes on the osgi.identity capability.

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[FELIX-4368] More work to support OSGi Repository 1.0

The SHA-256 for the content capability is now lazily computated.

Additional unit tests.

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[FELIX-4369] [FELIX-4370] Initial work towards supporting the OSGi Repository 1.0 spec

This commit provides a start for support of reading the spec-compliant Repository XML. The API for reading the XML hasn't changed, however when an XML document is encountered with the http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/repository/v1.0.0 name space it is parsed as a spec-compliant Repository XML.

This commit provides a start for supporting the Repository Service API, the actual Repository Service is not yet registered, but an implementation of this API can be obtained by wrapping the RepositoryAdmin object with the OSGiRepositoryImpl class.

Part of the work is based on and inspired by the OBR-Repository mapping as used by the Apache Aries Subsystems project (thanks!).

This work is by no means finished, it's just a start. Old clients should still work (at least the existing unit tests all pass) and new unit tests were added.

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