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FELIX-3349: align external manifest path with current project
FELIX-3352: pass external filter properties to bnd for processing
FELIX-3582: interpolate finalName of generated bundle
FELIX-3497: allow custom packaging of attached artifact (similar to custom classifier feature)
FELIX-3619: protect against concurrent in-process updates of local repository.xml, also protect static use of DateFormat when initializing bnd analyzer
FELIX-3772: avoid bailing out early during Blueprint JAR analysis
Fix manifest goal for jar projects with no sources; also 'calcManifest' method now expects caller to store the manifest rather than rely on a side-effect
[FELIX-3602] The bundle plugin should generate the blueprint header with the file locations
Update to latest refactored bndlib
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Latest bnd code
  1. … 62 more files in changeset.
Use local copy of latest bndlib code for pre-release testing purposes
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Removed legacy PackageVersionAnalyzer
FELIX-3254: automatically rebuild bundle in-memory when using manifest goal with target/classes and Embed-Dependency
FELIX-3300: fix calculateExportsFromContents to avoid exporting empty packages, also only use calculateExportsFromContents when analyzing attached files
Cleanup comment
FELIX-3347: when adding the Maven session environment to the properties passed to bnd, avoid entries whose keys start with upper-case letter (since they end up in the final manifest)
FELIX-3206: revert to old behaviour of generating manifest from the actual bundle content, but allow people to generate manifests by rebuilding the bundle in-memory by setting <rebuildBundle>true</rebuildBundle> in the configuration
FELIX-3208: add default sourcepath for Maven
FELIX-3238: clean up processing of default Export/Private-Package
FELIX-3210: only request user input in interactive mode
FELIX-3222: avoid use of deprecated (since 3.0.x) exception type
FELIX-3209: sanitize any non-String property keys/values
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FELIX-3185: negative Embed-Dependency clauses (such as !*;groupId=example) should restrict available dependencies
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Retain negative operator
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Handle missing key in Embed-Dependency
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Handle duplicate keys in Embed-Dependency
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Backup Embed-Dependency work
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Handle empty (but non-null) classifiers
FELIX-3188: reorder catch block, since InvalidDependencyVersionException is a subclass of ProjectBuildingException in recent builds of maven
FELIX-3173: properly handle spaces in repository directories