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FELIX-4882 - Correctly use Maven Plugin Tools Java 5 annotations instead of javadoc tags
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FELIX-4707 : use Maven Plugin Tools Java 5 annotations instead of javadoc tags. Apply patch from Hervé Boutemy
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FELIX-3619: protect against concurrent in-process updates of local repository.xml, also protect static use of DateFormat when initializing bnd analyzer
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FELIX-3210: only request user input in interactive mode
FELIX-3222: avoid use of deprecated (since 3.0.x) exception type
FELIX-3173: properly handle spaces in repository directories
Reset repository URI after loading temporary content, otherwise it can return incorrect absolute URIs
FELIX-3031: handle local snapshot vs remote timestamp in Maven3 when deploying to a remote OBR
FELIX-3092: add relative path (%rp) parameter to the index goal
Apply Felix code format
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FELIX-3011: add 'dumpInstructions' and 'dumpClasspath' parameters that let you dump the BND instructions/classpath to a file
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FELIX-1836: check output directory for filtered obr.xml before checking resource directories
FELIX-2656: marking lifecycle goals as @threadSafe
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FELIX-2346: compute correct path when detecting missing resources
[bundlerepository] fix a NPE in the index goal
[bundleplugin] minor improvements to the index goal
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[bundleplugin] fix parsing of the obr.xml file
[bundleplugin] minor improvements to the index goal
[bundleplugin] fix possible NPE when installing non osgi bundles artifacts
FELIX-2215: Refactor bundlerepository and maven bundle plugin obr data model
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FELIX-1461: make local repository updates a bit more atomic
FELIX-1023: apply modified patch (follow existing code pattern) to add category information
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Fix issue Felix-1054.

When deploying a bundle, the computed uri is printed on the console:

[INFO] Computed bundle uri:

This allows the user to check if the URL prefix was used correctly.

This is done for the deploy and deploy-file goal.

Format code using Apache coding style
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Use 1.4 API
FELIX-580: support deployment of OBR metadata using prefixed URLs (-DprefixUrl=http://...) or absolute URLs (-DbundleUrl=http://...)
FELIX-553: revert to use -DprefixURL=http://... to specify repository prefix, inline with other changes for 1.4.2
FELIX-553: add bundle:remote-clean goal (use -DremoteOBR=http://... to specify repository prefix)
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FELIX-553: actually safer to always use scheme specific part here
FELIX-553: handle opaque URIs