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Changeset 966638 is being indexed.

add support for migration of imports/exports based on Move package refactoring (FELIX-1346)

add helper methods to aid refactoring support (FELIX-1346)

add support for exported package refactoring (FELIX-2481)

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add util method to run Callable in UI thread

Required bundles that imported their own exports were not correctly exposing

their exported packages to requiring bundles. (FELIX-2479)

FELIX-2478 : Cardinality attribute for Property annotation should be of type string
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.ipojo.arch.gogo-1.0.0
release preparation
release preparation
True to simplify exception message by avoid recursion if a bundle

imports from itself. (FELIX-2459)

Added a couple of getters so subclasses of this base can still access the internally stored bundle context, dependency manager and logger. This way they don't have to hold on to it themselves.
Perform "chaining" in the exception message. (FELIX-2459)

Add DEPENDENCIES files (just copy the existing NOTICE files)

Update the NOTICE files to just contains 'includes' clauses

Modify pom files to embed the DEPENDENCIES files in the packages

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FELIX-2477 fix procedural commands parameter inheritance

FELIX-2476 : Update to QDox 1.12
FELIX-2475 : Metatype information should not be generated for abstract components
update changelogs ([FELIX-2472] - Proxies should throw a runtime exception instead of a null point exception)
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Use released annotations
Need to special case substring matching when there is no wildcard

to simply perform equals() comparison. (FELIX-2473)

Add the JSON license and update the NOTICE.
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Add license headers
Code refactoring (header, javadoc, cosmetic fixes...)
Remove useless CSS
Modify the plugin label and name to be 'iPOJO'
Delete the old plugin.
improve performance of resolver in workspaces with many sigil projects - prevent cyclical resolver tasks

Adapt the dependency handler test suite to fit the change made for FELIX-2472 [iPOJO] Proxies should throw the OSGi service exception.
Adapt the temporal dependency handler test suite to fit the change made for FELIX-2472 [iPOJO] Proxies should throw the OSGi service exception.
Fix FELIX-2472 [iPOJO] Proxies should throw the OSGi service exception for the temporal dependency handler. Just replaced the former NPE by a Runtime Exception.