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Add filter in dependency requirements. (remove Id)
Add created instance links
Add instance details
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Add factory details in the webconsole plugin.
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Add factory detail (work in progress).

Add the ipojo.css file and load it.

Add the handler list support.
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Modify the pom to include 'res'

Add the factories template

Add the instances template

Add the ipojo,js retrieving the instance list

Add the factories.js retrieving the factory list

Modify the IPOJOPlugin to support the factories and

instances template as well as the JSON messages

to retrives the lists.

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  1. /ipojo/webconsole-plugin/src/main/resources/res/ui
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  2. /ipojo/webconsole-plugin/src/main/resources/res
Start working on the new plugin for the web console
Update dependencies (webconsole + servlet).

Use the latest iPOJO (release version)

Added a feature to use an external instance/method to provide properties to propagate. Implemented it for all dependencies plus the resource adapter. Other adapters still under consideration.
Fixed FELIX-2471 /No class def found error - Permissions Admin (see screenshot)/


Fixed #FELIX-2470 /No class def found error - Wire Admin (see screenshot)/


Strip unknown attributes from Fragment-Host header. (FELIX-2466)

FELIX-2468 don't coerce CharSequence types to String
Log resolve error rather than print to stdout. (FELIX-2451)

FELIX-2463 - preserve order of -resources

minor comment fix
fixed dictionary aspect, which is now using the "(lang=en)" filter
renamed ServiceFactory.java class into FactorySet.java
fixed misspelling
Fix composite tests
Add .gitignore
Set .gitignore
fixed readme
indicates that trunk version of the http.jetty bundle has to be installed. Also fixed some mispelling in the README \!
added a "changed" attribute in the ResourceAdapterService annotation. Fixed some javadocs
don't import org.apache.felix.dm.management package anymore since the API is now in the same toplevel package
don't import org.apache.felix.dm.dependencies package anymore since the API is now in the same toplevel package
Update changelogs
Fix FELIX-2461

Add a specification attribute to the @ServiceController

Modify the PRovidedServiceHandler to support this attribute

Parse this attribute in the manipulator

Add the test cases