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[FELIX-5634][gogo][runtime] The file name generation may loop into subtrees for nothing
[FELIX-5633][gogo][runtime] The file name generation should take ~ into account
[gogo][jline] Guard against infinite loops in the highlighter
[gogo][jline] Support new less options if available
FELIX-5630: NullObject is created for a required dependency if the component is removed and added again to the dependency manager
FELIX-5630: Added test case for this issue.
Adjust test case to R7
FELIX-5632 : Implement equals and hashCode for HttpSessionWrapper
[FELIX-5631][gogo][runtime] The parser indicates wrong repair string when parsing heredocs
[FELIX-5629][gogo][jline] When a job is in the foreground, the shell should wait for its completion
FELIX-5628 : Global lock in FieldHandler.NotResolved::resolve method can cause deadlock

Fix ported to OSGi R7 impl

FELIX-5613 : SCR bundle fails to start without Config Admin

Need to add back imports for ConfigurationException and ManagedService

FELIX-5628 : Global lock in FieldHandler.NotResolved::resolve method can cause deadlock
FELIX-5626 Exclude EasyMock from the runtime classpath

Patch applied on behalf of Mykola Nikishov with many thanks.

This closes https://github.com/apache/felix/pull/106

FELIX-5627 : Class loading issues while finding fields causes an NPE
Normalize os.version in framework properties (FELIX-4695).
Improve native OS version sanitation (FELIX-4696).
Add missing osgi.ee
[gogo][jline] Let jline use defaults for better detection
Felix Converter - update to the changed generics in the OSGi API

Felix Converter - move DTOUtil to separate package

Felix Converter - remove hard dependency on DTO class.

Update Felix Converter implementation to suit a slight API change.

Change the fallback for windows native code to win32 (FELIX-5574). This closes #95. Furthermore, add support for windows server 2016 in the normalizeOsName (FELIX-5553).
Make the empty ImmutableList a singelton to reduce memory usage similar to the ImmutableMap (FELIX-5589).
FELIX-5296 : Implement Http Whiteboard Service Updates (RFC 223)
Update json configuration format
[FELIX-5624] HttpLite complete bundle has wrong ranges for package imports
FELIX-5619: MultiProperyFilterIndex memory consumption
FELIX-5623: Improve performance of ComponentImpl.getName method (thank you Raluca).