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FELIX-5066 BundleRepository should provide osgi.service and osgi.implementation capabilities

FELIX-5617 Remove "null" from console messages

Patch applied on behalf of Cristiano Gavião with many thanks!

This closes https://github.com/apache/felix/pull/104

Update changelog
FELIX-5572 : Reference target filter fails when using field strategy for multiple cardinality reference with multiple component instances
FELIX-5568 : SCR contains compact3 profile code
FELIX-5615 - Global lock in BaseMethod.NotResolved::resolve method causes deadlock
FELIX-5614 Move DTOUtil to org.apache.felix.converter and export.

FELIX-5611 BundleRepository must deal properly R5 index file with resources with relative path from the given repository’s URL

Committing patch on behalf of Cristiano Gavião with many thanks!

This closes https://github.com/apache/felix/pull/101

FELIX-5614 Make isDTOType(Class<?> cls) publicly available

Method moved to a separate DTOUtil class.

Additonal test.

Update configurator to only listen for starting/active bundles. Process bundles asyn
Updated Schematizer (Some API updates, major implementation change)
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Fix for FELIX-5616
Fixes to the Felix Converter

Felix Schematizer - fix compilation.

Remove commented out line of code that is not needed any more.

Fix issue with MapDelegate as exposed in the YamlSerializerTest.

Fix broken test.

[FELIX-5609] Do not require the OSGi package when using TypedProperties
Update Felix Converter to follow new OSGi API

The API now contains a new mechanism to handle custom errors.

Add missing license header.

[FELIX-5610] Files should be deleted if a configuration is deleted
[FELIX-5609] Full support for both untyped and typed configurations
[FELIX-5608] New TypedProperties object to support typed properties file
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Fix possible NPE
Additional annotation conversion test.

Fix compilation errors in converter now that handleError() has been removed.

Normalize require capabilites the same way we normalize provide capabilites as per spec (FELIX-5604).
Re-enable the error handlers
Fix converter implementation