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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.shell.remote-1.2.0
Supply missing <scm/> in pom.

[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of org.apache.felix.shell.remote-1.2.0
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.shell.remote-1.2.0
Fix pom to avoid warnings.

FELIX-5426: Reverted to the previous version (needs to investigate more the issue).

FELIX-5426: Fixed two issues:

- when you remove a service providing component from the Activator, the service is not unregistered because there is a wrong test which does not

unregister the service if the bundle state is STARTING

- when you remove a component using dm.remove(Component) method, then any unbound service dependencies are not removed from the internal

datatracture which maintains the list of dependencies for a given service dependency. So, when you re-add a second time the same component, then

the dependencies may be injected a second time.

Fix typo in Webconsole Subsystems plugin pom

FELIX-5424 - Maven plugin - Add metadata for exported services
Prepare to release httplite by making it into a conventional

Maven multi-module.

FELIX-5422: handle another exception while retrying date formats.

FELIX-5422: more date formats in lite.

Felix Converter - Additional Unit Test

FELIX-5418: update to work with gogo 1.0.0.

FELIX-5391 AbstractMethodError in bundlerepository due to wrong import range.

Patch applied on behalf of Neil Bartlett with many thanks.

This closes #74

Felix Converter - Fix Java Bean handling.

Felix Converter - reformat some interfaces.

Felix Converter - convert targetAsType() to target() APIs

Felix Converter - Add Converting Type Settings interface.

Felix Converter - fix failing tests

FELIX-5411: Ensure we don't unget the service reference twice.

FELIX-5411: When you stop a component, the service references are not ungotten.When you stop a component, the service references are not ungotten.

FELIX-5411: Added test case for this issue.

Felix Converter - report path when calling convert function.

FELIX-5406: DM lambda fluent service properties don't support dots.

FELIX-5337: Added test which dump all services with a filter.

FELIX-5337: Filter-based dependencies working differently for annotations. An "Any" marker interface as been added

in the ServiceDependency annotation, and if you set the service attribute the the Any class, then all services

(matching the filter if it is specified) will be injected.

FELIX-5337: Reverted the patch to the previous version because it breaks the contract of the ServiceDepednency.setService(Class serviceName, String filter) method.

FELIX-5409: Parallel DM should not stop components asynchronously.