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Changeset 1770788 is being indexed.

FELIX-5422: handle another exception while retrying date formats.

FELIX-5422: more date formats in lite.

Felix Converter - Additional Unit Test

FELIX-5418: update to work with gogo 1.0.0.

FELIX-5391 AbstractMethodError in bundlerepository due to wrong import range.

Patch applied on behalf of Neil Bartlett with many thanks.

This closes #74

Felix Converter - Fix Java Bean handling.

Felix Converter - reformat some interfaces.

Felix Converter - convert targetAsType() to target() APIs

Felix Converter - Add Converting Type Settings interface.

Felix Converter - fix failing tests

FELIX-5411: Ensure we don't unget the service reference twice.

FELIX-5411: When you stop a component, the service references are not ungotten.When you stop a component, the service references are not ungotten.

FELIX-5411: Added test case for this issue.

Felix Converter - report path when calling convert function.

FELIX-5406: DM lambda fluent service properties don't support dots.

FELIX-5337: Added test which dump all services with a filter.

FELIX-5337: Filter-based dependencies working differently for annotations. An "Any" marker interface as been added

in the ServiceDependency annotation, and if you set the service attribute the the Any class, then all services

(matching the filter if it is specified) will be injected.

FELIX-5337: Reverted the patch to the previous version because it breaks the contract of the ServiceDepednency.setService(Class serviceName, String filter) method.

FELIX-5409: Parallel DM should not stop components asynchronously.

FELIX-5406: DM lambda fluent service properties don't support dots.

FELIX-5407: DM annotation plugin generates temp log files even if logging is disabled.

FELIX-5403: Removed the STARTED event in ComponentState because it is the same as the TRACKING_OPTIONAL event.

FELIX-5405: Do not have org.apache.felix.dm.Logger invoke toString() of message parameters when enabled log level is not high enough.

FELIX-5403: Added STARTING/STARTED/STOPPING/STOPPED events in ComponentState enum class.

This allows to provide same behavior as in previous dm3.

FELIX-5403: enhanced javadoc.

FELIX-5403: Improve the Javadoc for org.apache.felix.dm.ComponentStateListener. Re added old starting/started/stopping/stopped method callbacks from dm3.

The callbacks are declared as java8 empty default methods, in order to keep compatibility with current dm4 listeners.

FELIX-5402: Factory configuration adapter ignores factory method.

FELIX-5395 Use gogo 1.0.0 with JLine support as default in the Felix Distro

FELIX-5355: Allow to use properties having dots with configuration proxies.

FELIX-5355: added test case for support of dots in configuration proxies.