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Changeset 1731668 is being indexed.

Applied patches (FELIX-5189) to fix improper parsing of capabilities.

FELIX-5177: tests must ensure that configurations are removed by CM.
FELIX-5177: fixed javadoc.
Javadoc. Added missing license headers. Fixed some bnd descriptors in dm-lambda samples.

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FELIX-5192: ConfigurationDependency race condition when component is stopped.

FELIX-5193: Factory Pid Adapter race condition when component is stopped.

Removed Eclipse warnings. Reworked the way configuration exception is handled.

FELIX-5126: Build DM using Java 8.

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FELIX-5126: build DM with java8.

FELIX-5177: increment minor version because the createConfigurationProxy() method has been added in order to allow to create

configuration types from any DM custom dependencies.

FELIX-5155: dependency callbacks must not be applied on the internal adapter component for the factory pid adapter.

Fixed some javadocs.
Applied feedbacks that Jan Willem sent to me about the new dm-lambda library:

- renamed the DependencyManagerActivator.activate() method to init(BundleContext ctx, DependencyManager dm)

- Removed abbreviated names like "cb()" or "cbi" methods, and replaced them with niced method names like "add()/changed()/removed()" ...

- Added a system property "org.apache.felix.dependencymanager.lambda.dependencymode" that allows to control the default

mode of dependency (still to be discussed).

- added full support or new configuration types.

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use config type instead of factoryPidClass attribute
FELIX-5186 additional less alarmist logging on service churn

- added a configType attribute in FactoryConfigurationAdapterService annotation.

- when using a config type with ConfigurationDependency, then assume that pid is set to the fqdn of the provided config type, in case

no pid has already been set using setPid method.

- code cleanup.

- adapted samples to use configuration type.

- added javadocs.

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FELIX-5188: No error log when a factory pid adapter update callback is not found.

FELIX-5187: Removed unnecessary null-check when using the logger.

FELIX-5187: No errog log when configuration dependency callback is not found.

FELIX-5155: Do not invoke update callback in case the component implementation is an internal adapter object.

We don't invoke the callback in such a case, because if the update callback has been declared with an external

callback instance object, then calling the callback now would end up in a double update callback invocation:

The update callback instance would be called a first time by the configuration dependency added to the internal adapter object,

and it would then be called a second time by the same configuration

dependency copied from the internal adapter component into the actual component instance created by the adapter.

FELIX-5186 less alarmist logging on service churn
FELIX-5185 : Fix description of metatype bundle
FELIX-5177: added test case for the support of configuration proxy used with the @FactoryConfigurationAdapterService annotation.

FELIX-5177: Added support for configuration proxy on @FactoryConfigurationAdapterService annotation:

if a factoryPidClass is specified when declaring the annotation, then it will be also used as the configuration proxy.

Also adapted the dictionary.annot sample code.

FELIX-5177: refactoring: removed unecessary catch in updateService method.

FELIX-5177: Did some refactoring:

- removed the getCompositionInstances method.

- Created an "invokdeUpdated" method which is now common to the createService() and updateService() method.

cleaned imports.
FELIX-5177: Committed the patch from Jan-Willem (:-)) which implements config proxy for factory conf adapters.

Updated the "dictionary.api" sample code that is now using a proxy config when using factory conf adapter.

Removed log that was committed accidentally.

FELIX-5177: added tests when @ConfigurationDependency is applied on an updated method which takes as argument

a config proxy.

FELIX-5182: Cleanup DM samples.

FELIX-5077: implemented type-safe proxy configuration for the @ConfigurationDependency annotation, which can now be applied

on an updated method which accepts a type-safe config proxy as argument. By default, the pid is assumed to be the fqdn of the

config proxy object.

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FELIX-5181: Only log info/debug if dm annotation log parameter is enabled.