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[FELIX-4496] Enable Bundle Repository to run as source project with m2e

Applying patch on behalf of Cristiano Gavião with many thanks.

This closes pull request #7.

[OBR] Properly translate service requirements between OBR and spec compliant namespaces

Revert the Java compiler configuration to 1.6
Revert the Java compiler configuration to 1.6
Fix FELIX 4509

Change the way frames are computed. This commit removes the previous "retroweaving" hack, and relies on ASM to compute frames. A simple extension of ClassWriter is provided to change the way ASM is implementing the getCommonSuperClass method.

It also improves a bit the code of the iPOJO API by using generics and for each loops

Fix FELIX-4508

Update to ASM 5.0.2

Update the manipulator to reflect the API changes introduced between ASM 3.3.1 (the previously used version) and ASM 5.0.2

Update the Felix Framework version to execute the manipulator tests

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[OBR] Initialize Requirement attributes and directives with empty list.

Use symbolic name for obr:info if there is no presentation name.

[FELIX-4371] Last Repository 1.0 failure fixed.

These code changes make the Felix Repository pass all the CT tests.

[FELIX-4370] Additional work to support the OSGi Repository Service.

Added better support for directives.

This also fixes an OSGi Repository CT failure:


Also added a bunch of unit tests for areas not completely covered by the CT.

FELIX-4461 : Update to ASM 5 for Java 8 compatibility
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[FELIX-4370] Additional work to support the OSGi Repository Service.

Improved the mapping between OBR and OSGi namespaces.

This also fixes an OSGi Repository CT failure:


[FELIX-4022] Implement spec compliant behavior for pre and post 1.3 with a flag to get reasonable behavior pre-1.3. Question is whether deleting a config calls modify(1.3) or deactivates(pre 1.3)
[FELIX-4447] fix regexp, thanks to Olivier Fayau
[FELIX-4406] [FELIX-4506] [FELIX-4507] finish r6 xml processing, felix extension processing, and test persistent factory component
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[FELIX-4506] [FELIX-4406] [FELIX-4507] Implement felix extension attribute namespace and service scope parsing. Also use extension attribute to turn persistent factory component on
[FELIX-4507] Implement new style component factory with modify method (turned off, no tests)
Update framework version to 1.7
FELIX-4469 scrcommand help should not give NPE
FELIX-4467 Configure global extender capability
Formatting changes.

Apply patch FELIX-4498 to improve handling of optional requirements.

Apply patch FELIX-4497 to improve handling of substitutable exports.

Apply patch FELIX-4428 to fix bug in handling of fragment candidate capabilities.

Apply patch FELIX-4495 to stop ignoring candidates from already resolved fragments.

Apply patch FELIX-4494 to fix improperly wrapped fragment capabilities.

Forgot to add new file from last commit for FELIX-4493.

Apply patch FELIX-4493 to add support for "on demand" resource


Apply patch FELIX-4492 to improve logging and diagnostics.

Apply patch FELIX-4182 to address some package space consistency bugs.