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Changeset 1589642 is being indexed.

Unused imports removed.
Applied code formatting and some minor cleanups to improve readability of the code.

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FELIX-3780 - allow DA to be configured through ConfigAdmin:

- missed a system property used to process preprocessed resources;

- refactored the single property into a configuration object to allow future

extensions without an explosion of methods on DeploymentAdminImpl.

FELIX-3780 - allow DA to be configured by ConfigAdmin:

- register the DA implementation also as managed service with PID


- it accepts a single property "stopUnaffectedBundle" which should

be "true" or "false";

- when no configuration is supplied, the fallback is to use the old

framework/system property:


FELIX-4483 - make osgi-bundlecontext available in init methods:

- make the bundle context available to the servlet/filter's init methods

to ensure they can operate nicely in a OSGi context. Thanks to Bob P.

for providing the patch.

FELIX-4485: fix incorrect package export.
Rewrote the test to include a manifest.

Disabled failing unit test:

- it appears to fail on JDK6, but succeeds on JDK7?!

FELIX-4486: fix possible thread leakage:

- replaced the ExplodingOutputtingInputStream with a much simpler

ContentCopyingJarInputStream that levarages the JarInputStream to copy

entries while they are read;

- added some test cases to verify the new implementation.

Updated to use latest logback for itest.
Removed logback as it appears to be a memory hog.
FELIX-4484 only mark DPs as stale after successful uninstall:

- if an uninstall fails, we should be able to call uninstallForced to

retry it. When the DP is already marked as stale, this wouldn't work.

Simplify the usage of the DA API:

- add a convience method to return the number of installed DPs;

- add a convience method to install a DP that closes the input stream after

the DA is finished.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.fileinstall-3.4.0
Fix fileinstall unit tests
Added itests showing that HttpSession(Attribute)Listener work as expected.

FELIX-4482 - Use scope=provided for OSGi APIs dependencies

* core and online-manipulator updated

* it modules does not have exclusions anymore

[FELIX-4369] Remove unneeded throws clause.

[FELIX-4369] Additional work towards support for the OSGi Repository API

This commit contains logic around parsing of list attributes from the Repository XML.

[FELIX-4436] [fileinstall] Do not refresh bundles that have not been modified
[FELIX-4475] Improve logging in FileInstall

Allow delegating to jul instead of stdout

[FELIX-4472] Various concurrency issues in fileinstall
[FELIX-4475] Improve logging in FileInstall
[FELIX-4445] Switch pojosr to Apache Felix Connect
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[FELIX-4445] PojoSR code initial commit
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[FELIX-4472] Various concurrency issues in fileinstall
[FELIX-4474] Remove the static fields on FileInstall
[FELIX-2436] Reduce the number files created by the fileinstall Scanner

Use NIO2 Path watcher, even if we still use a polling mechanism, file watching are delegated to the JVM/OS

[FELIX-3543] Upgrade to JDK 5 and OSGi 4.3