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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.ipojo.manipulator-project-1.11.2
downgrade iPOJO core version (just before release)
add *.iml and target to svn-ignore
Fix the packaging of the test bundle when the directory contains a space
update release notes for iPOJO manipulator 1.11.2, remove an item not yet fixed (release preparation)
update release notes for iPOJO runtime 1.11.2 and manipulator 1.11.2 (release preparation)
fix timeouts to make tests a bit more robust
FELIX-4454 Online manipulator should be able to take advantage of Stereotypes

* Use the new manipulator-bom

* Moved AnnotationLiteral into the spi package (seems more logical to group class usable from modules)

* Changed the Module API a bit (module still have to implement the configure() method, but the container do not call that method itself (avoid multiple invocations leading to duplicate bindings))

* Introduced ModuleProvider interface for Pojoization to normalize the way modules are given to the manipulator

* Refactored a bit the 'ipojo:' UrlHandler (use of annotation + logservice)

* Provided a dedicated ResourceStore that search for annotation bytecode in all available bundles

* Added IT tests to ensure that services modules are accessible and that annotation bytecode is usable

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Fixed a typo in the inclusion/exclusion of cipher suites:

- added new constants with a fallback to the old constants.

change iPOJO core version in tests (release preparation)
FELIX-4453 Introduce manipulator BOM (Bill of Material)
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FELIX-4452 - removed transitive dependencies:

- the cometd bundle introduced some transitive dependencies that caused

the all-in-bundle to not resolve; applied patch from David B;

- fixed a typo in the export clause of the Felix HTTP-API in the all-in-

one bundle.

Increase timeouts
Add test about the @Context handler
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Provide the @Context handler

Fix FELIX-4229, FELIX-4272 and FELIX-4273

remove the Time Factor in the delayed provider
FELIX-4451 : HttpContext#getResource is called with a relative path

reduce the stricteness of log tests, fix timeout issue
Update equinox and KF versions

Update OSGi testing helper library to 0.6.2

Update test to use the new API (required for KF)

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.gogo.runtime-0.12.0
[FELIX-4363] Fix NPE when setting a variable to null
FELIX-4393 : @Property should accept empty name values on instance fields
FELIX-4277 : The maven-scr-plugin generates false warnings when using @SlingServlet. Apply patch from Robert Munteanu
FELIX-4444 : Duplicate unregistrations do not throw IllegalArgumentException
FELIX-4442 : Lifecycle methods with wrong arguments should be treated as an error
FELIX-4442 : Lifecycle methods with wrong arguments should be treated as an error
FELIX-4441 : The default value is not escaped correctly.. Applied patch from Mikael Svahn
Update changelog