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Changeset 1502190 is being indexed.

support optional loops in CLI and logical expressions in graph filter + js cleanup
Modify ServiceReference.isAssignableTo() to try to be more precise. (FELIX-1131)

FELIX-4135: Committed initial version for the Bnd ScrPlugin.

  1. /scrplugin/bnd-scr-plugin/src/main/java/org
  2. /scrplugin/bnd-scr-plugin/src/main/java/org/apache
added view of bundle to bundle wiring via services
FELIX-4164 Instance / Component matching regression

* Tracks instances specifying the component's name OR the component's classname

simplify json method signature for easier integration with java code
[FELIX-4162] incorrect loop detection, [FELIX-3769] webconsole categories, [FELIX-4163] command line interface
FELIX-4155 Update bnd-ipojo-plugin for bndlib 2.x

* Clazz.getPath() is now getAbsolutePath()

* Analyzer.getReferrers() now gives Packages instead of a Map<String, Map<String, String>>

* Uses Attrs type instead of the attributes Map

* Attrs attributes can mow specify a type (Version is useful for us)

* Imports have been cleaned

FELIX-4156 Fix versions of maven plugins

* maven-checkstyle-plugin set to 2.10

* Changed ${pom.version} tp ${project.version}

FELIX-4021 maven-ipojo-plugin fails on WAR packaging

* When writing back resources, their paths were not converted

FELIX-4159 : Error when declaring a multivalued property using the OSGi 4.3 Annotation DS standard
Added the 10 minutes tutorial to the runtime project (FELIX-4133 Add distribution creation in the iPOJO runtime build)
  1. … 51 more files in changeset.
FELIX-4021 maven-ipojo-plugin fails on WAR packaging

* Only map WEB-INF/classes/** resources

* Leave others unchanged

start work on FELIX-4133 - added the quickstart distribution
  1. /ipojo/runtime/distributions/quickstart/src
FELIX-4156 Fix versions of maven plugins

* maven-checkstyle-plugin set to 2.10

* rat-maven-plugin set to 1.0-alpha3

FELIX-4138 TypeDeclaration calls factory.dispose() even if it already has been disposed (externally)
Add Changelog
FELIX-4153 Update to latest JavaDoc Plugin 2.9.1 to include the JavaDoc vulnerability check

- Plus have default configuraiton to omit non-API packages from

JavaDoc which is by convention all packages with impl or internal

in them. This can easily be overwritten resetting the

site.javadoc.exclude property.

FELIX-4152 Update to latest Apache Parent POM 13
Update distributions to the new iPOJO version
The online manipulator does not contain sources from the OSGi Alliance.
Fix FELIX-4139 - package conflict with ipojo-annotations and ipojo-runtime

annotations is not a bundle.

Fix the NPE in the DependencyModel
FELIX-4146 Add getInstances and getInstanceNames in the Factory interface
Fix FELIX-4147 Add getProvidedService in ProvidedServiceDescription and allow external service management
Fix FELIX-4132 @Modified not working on Equinox

The equals method from the TransformedServiceReferenceImpl was wrongly thinking that service.id was a long value (and not a Long object).

FELIX-4137 Support Web Application Bundles

Apply patch by Dominique Pfister (thanks alot)

Forgot a file during the last commit.
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Continue the work about FELIX-4134

Migrate api-it to the core-it.

Continue the work about FELIX-4134

Migrate composite-it to the reactor.