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Test cleanup
Reduce the version of the event admin used in test to avoid issues on KF
Test cleanup
fix test failure on equinox
Refactor tests

Refactor tests

FELIX-4047 - Unable to single valued (String) array property
FELIX-4049 : SCR-Plugin creates invalid manifest-header on incremental-build (eclipse-IDE-integration)
Added a temporal repository until the new osgi test helpers are released.
Refactor tests

Add TIME_FACTOR to invoker

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Update to newest osgi-helpers
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FELIX-4046 Inner class manipulation fails with expanded frames
FELIX-4045 Chain Exceptions when possible

* Added some Throwable parameters in Exception sub classes to enable chaining

* Tracked most of the missing chained call in runtime project

* Chaining has not been changed in IT modules

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Improved javadoc
Handle asynchronous deletion of instances
Do not use the OSGi API using generics, KF does not support it.
Increase stability threshold
Increase stability threshold
Added a grace periods between tests
wait for stability before executing the Online Manipulator Tests
Ignore inner classes during @Configuration scanning
Added generics to factories.
Fix FELIX-4041

Do not propagate properties starting with a .

Improve test reliability by adding a stability check on startup
Move tests to avoid using the managed service factory directly (not exposed anymore)
Improve test reliability by adding a stability check on startup
* TypeDeclaration was wrongly unbound, changed to InstanceDeclaration

* Clarified error messages

Add exception messages if available
Add exception messages if available
Fix FELIX-4040, reimplement configuration admin support
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