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Changeset 1084783 is being indexed.

tidy up ? extends noise in support class

add convenience constructor

Remove unneeded class. (FELIX-2858)

Use framework snapshot.

FELIX-2707 Fix cutting of the URL entry path which may not match the entry path looked up
Avoid a deadlock when updating the service properties.
FELIX-2885 - The config admin bundle does not indicate its provided and required services dependencies
FELIX-2884 - The multiplicity isn't taken into account by the maven bundle plugin and bundlerepository when generating the repository xml
cosmetic fix.
Try to reproduce FELIX-2430.

Seems to work in iPOJO 1.8.0

FELIX-2881 Fixed the problem.
Remove some unnecessary code. (FELIX-2858)

Make field private. (FELIX-2858)

Hold bundle state lock while adding/removing listeners, otherwise

clarify that we ignore the race condition. (FELIX-2748)

Should not be public. (FELIX-2858)

Need to perform security check for fragments and hosts. (FELIX-2858)

Adapt to new framework API.

Only select root singleton if it is not already selected. (FELIX-2859)

Move thread for shutting down framework further out to avoid

potential deadlock when a bundle tries to stop the framework

during framework startup. (FELIX-1816)

Correct changelog and deps files
Handle the fact that fragments can be attached to multiple hosts over

time and thus get additional wires after being resolved. Also, eliminate

host dependency management, since fragment wires provide the same

information. (FELIX-2858)

Minor refactoring to eliminate exposing private details. (FELIX-2858)

Rename and slightly refactor some classes to make their purpose more

obvious. (FELIX-2858)

Need to wrap requirments and capabilities in wire when they come from

fragments. (FELIX-2858)

Delay throwing exceptions if a extension bundle can't find a resource to make java6 update24 happy (FELIX-2877).
If a capability is from a fragment, we must always try to attach it to

a host even it the fragment is already resolved, since fragment capabilities

are not usable by themself. (FELIX-2858)

Use latest snapshot
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.scr.ant-1.1.0
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration