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Changeset 1052030 is being indexed.

Fix minor property substitution issue. (FELIX-2695)

Rollback an experimental patch
Update to latest framework snapshot (FELIX-2739).
Modify DirectoryContent to verify that an entry is a directory if

the entry name ends with "/". (FELIX-2710)

Optimize resolver to not re-calculate "uses" constraints for already

resolved modules. (FELIX-2737)

Modified resolver to re-verify package space consistency for bundles performing

a dynamic import. (FELIX-2736)

Close HttpURLConnections to workaround a bug on android. (FELIX-2728)

Fixed FELIX-2713 /Problem in HtmlConfigurationWriter/


Fixed FELIX-2735 /ClassCastException in PermissionsConfigurationPrinter/


[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.fileinstall-3.1.2
FELIX-2675: add the configuration to the metatype info
Update changelog for fileinstall
Fix FELIX-2732

Compute the id by removing the 'modified' prefix if possible:

modifiedFoo => Foo

Lookup component classes in WEB-INF/classes if not found in the root.
Fix FELIX-2733

Add JAR and WAR as supported packaging types

Change how the output file is read.

Synchronized access to m_sr.
FELIX-2731 : NPE while scanning sources with QDox
Use latest snapshot
Fix bug where the resolver was not correctly calculating exported packages

for resolved bundles when they were substitutable exports. (FELIX-2725)

Apply the patch provided by Mario (FELIX-2711 The event admin handler should provides a Handler Description)

[FELIX-2723] When the execution of a closure with pipes is interrupted, pipes should be interrupted too
Fix FELIX-2711 The event admin handler should provides a Handler Description

Need to fire UNRESOLVED event when bundles are refreshed if they

are not in the INSTALLED state. (FELIX-2456)

Remove some dead code.

Fix javadoc.
FELIX-2719 Updated auto config to use the new snapshot version of metatype. Also, add a header so we can easily recognize what resource processor is present in this bundle.
FELIX-2719 Implemented name space support, added a test for it.
Add a test checking that we don't create proxies for abstract and concrete classes.