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Changeset 1052018 is being indexed.

Update to latest framework snapshot (FELIX-2739).
Modify DirectoryContent to verify that an entry is a directory if

the entry name ends with "/". (FELIX-2710)

Optimize resolver to not re-calculate "uses" constraints for already

resolved modules. (FELIX-2737)

Modified resolver to re-verify package space consistency for bundles performing

a dynamic import. (FELIX-2736)

Close HttpURLConnections to workaround a bug on android. (FELIX-2728)

Fixed FELIX-2713 /Problem in HtmlConfigurationWriter/


Fixed FELIX-2735 /ClassCastException in PermissionsConfigurationPrinter/


[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.fileinstall-3.1.2
FELIX-2675: add the configuration to the metatype info
Update changelog for fileinstall
Fix FELIX-2732

Compute the id by removing the 'modified' prefix if possible:

modifiedFoo => Foo

Lookup component classes in WEB-INF/classes if not found in the root.
Fix FELIX-2733

Add JAR and WAR as supported packaging types

Change how the output file is read.

Synchronized access to m_sr.
FELIX-2731 : NPE while scanning sources with QDox
Use latest snapshot
Fix bug where the resolver was not correctly calculating exported packages

for resolved bundles when they were substitutable exports. (FELIX-2725)

Apply the patch provided by Mario (FELIX-2711 The event admin handler should provides a Handler Description)

[FELIX-2723] When the execution of a closure with pipes is interrupted, pipes should be interrupted too
Fix FELIX-2711 The event admin handler should provides a Handler Description

Need to fire UNRESOLVED event when bundles are refreshed if they

are not in the INSTALLED state. (FELIX-2456)

Remove some dead code.

Fix javadoc.
FELIX-2719 Updated auto config to use the new snapshot version of metatype. Also, add a header so we can easily recognize what resource processor is present in this bundle.
FELIX-2719 Implemented name space support, added a test for it.
Add a test checking that we don't create proxies for abstract and concrete classes.
Fix FELIX-2716 [iPOJO] Failure when creating proxies for classes in java.* packages

Change the package name of smart proxies of java.* interfaces

Add a second check to be sure to never create proxy of non-interface type

Improve the logger messages (cosmetic fixes)

Avoid an NPE in the InstanceManager.

Check the module owning the capability, not the capability identity to determine

if fragment imports conflict with each other. This is necessary to deal with cases

where fragments import from a module exporting the same package more than once.