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Updating dev environment setup doc to skip tests on install

DRILL-7527: DROP METADATA doesn't work with table name starting with '/' inside workspace

closes #1958

DRILL-7530: Fix class names in loggers

1. Fix incorrect class names for loggers.

2. Minor code cleanup.

closes #1957

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DRILL-7233: Format Plugin for HDF5

closes #1778

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DRILL-7467: Jdbc plugin enhancements and fixes

1. Added logic to close data source when plugin is closed.

2. Added disabled jdbc plugin template to the bootstrap storage plugins.

3. Added new jdbc storage plugin configuration property sourceParameters which would allow setting data source parameters described in BasicDataSource Configuration Parameters.

4. Upgraded commons-dbcp2 version and added it to the dependency management section in common pom.xml.

closes #1956

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DRILL-7491: Incorrect count() returned for complex types in parquet

closes #1955

update readme.md

DRILL-7518: Support INT_64 for nullable INT64 in Parquet

closes #1952

DRILL-7495: Excel Reader Not Parsing Dates Correctly in First Column

Update README.md

DRILL-7478: Add Pull Request Template

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DRILL-7507: Convert fragment interrupts to exceptions

Modifies fragment interrupt handling to throw a specialized

exception, rather than relying on the complex and cumbersome

STOP iterator status.

closes #1949

DRILL-7506: Simplify code gen error handling

Pushes code gen error handling close to the code gen itself to

allow clearer error messages. Doing so avoids the need to bubble

code gen exceptions up the call stack, resulting in cleaner

operator code.

closes #1948

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DRILL-7505: PCAP Plugin Fails on IPv6 Packets

closes #1946

DRILL-7496: Update Dockerfile to publish release images under Apache Docker Hub

closes #1947

DRILL-7502: Invalid codegen for typeof() with UNION

Also fixes DRILL-6362: typeof() reports NULL for primitive

columns with a NULL value.

typeof() is meant to return "NULL" if a UNION has a NULL

value, but the column type when known, such as for non-UNION


Also fixes DRILL-7499: sqltypeof() function with an array returns

"ARRAY", not type. This was due to treating REPEATED like LIST.

Handling of the Union vector in code gen is problematic

with about three special cases. Existing code handled two

of the cases. This change handles the third case.

Figuring out the change required poking around quite a bit

of unclear code. Added comments and restructuring to make

that code a bit more clear.

The fix modified code gen for the Union Holder. It can now

"go back in time" to add the union reader at the point we

need it.

closes #1945

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DRILL-7503: Refactor the project operator

Breaks the big "setup" function into its own class, and

separates out physical vector setup from logical projection

planning. No functional change; just rearranging existing


closes #1944

Update references to official Apache Drill Docker images

minor edits for formatting

edit index.html

site version change

doc and website updates for the 1.17 release

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Update README.md with information on how to configure env for building site and update .gitignore to ignore files left after checkout from developing branches

Changes to use release API docs

Publish JavaDocs for the Apache Drill 1.17.0

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DRILL-7497: Fix warnings when starting Drill on Windows using Java 11

closes #1939

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.17.0

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DRILL-7494: Unable to connect to Drill using JDBC driver when using custom authenticator

closes #1938

minor edit