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DRILL-2415: Export Drill C++ Client symbols so as to provide dynamic linking

DRILL-2367: Removed partition column label in conf (gets from options)

DRILL-2193: implement fast count / skip-all semantics for JSON reader

DRILL-2514: Add support for impersonation in FileSystem storage plugin.

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DRILL-2497: Remove reference to drill-interpreter in build

DRILL-2094: Add SqlOrderBy rule for CompoundIdentifierConverter

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DRILL-2463: Implement JDBC mapping of SQL NULL for ResultSet.getXxx() methods.

- Added test Drill2463GetNullsFailedWithAssertionsBugTest.

- Implemented JDBC mapping of NULL for ResultSet.getXxx() methods:

- Fixed was-always-false isNull(...) for Nullable... SqlAccessor

implementations in SqlAccessors template.

- Handled NULL mapping for primitive types in AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.

- Handled NULL mapping for object types in Nullable... SqlAccessor

implementations in SqlAccessors template.

- Related miscellaneous changes:

- Added "rename this" TODO. [config.fmpp]

- Added documentation. [SqlAccessor]

- Edited comment. [BoundCheckingAccessor]

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DRILL-2309: Fix reduce aggregate rule to create new aggregate calls based on input row type

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DRILL-2488: Return DEFAULT as supported encoding for MergeJoin since it does not currently handle SV2 or SV4.

DRILL-2389: Remove timestamp with time zone

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DRILL-2491: Fix use of injectable QueryDateTimeInfo in localtimestamp function

DRILL-2342: Store the nullability property of column in view persistence store.

DRILL-2731: Repeat realloc until enough space

Repeat realloc for variable length vectors as well

Merge branch 'gh-pages-master' into gh-pages

DRILL-2728: Merge spill files when number gets too large

DRILL-2758: Fix writer cleanup

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DRILL-2442: Initial implementation of C++ client support for impersonation.

DRILL-2180: Star column is enabled to work along with complex expression

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DRILL-2466: Fix "<a>.VARCHAR -> <b>.NVARCHAR" to "-> <b>.VARCHAR" (Types.h).

- Fixed mapping from TypeProtos.MinorType.VARCHAR to java.sql.Types.NVARCHAR

to be to java.sql.Types.VARCHAR.

- Also renamed getSqlType to getJdbcType, getSqlTypeName to getSqlTypeName.

DRILL-2453: Handle the case where incoming has no schema in PartitionSender.

DRILL-2311: In ProjectRecordBatch, even if a column from incoming recordbatch does not need to be classified, the output name for this column is still ensured to be unique

DRILL-2730: Use different paths for ExternalSort spills

DRILL-2467: Fix "datatype" to "datetype" for test Hive DATE column.

DRILL-1957: Support nested loop join planning in order to enable NOT-IN, Inequality, Cartesian, uncorrelated EXISTS planning.

Add support for nested loop join planning where right input is scalar and is broadcast.

Add check for scalar subquery for NLJ. Add support for creating a Filter-NLJ plan.

Rebase on the branch with Jinfeng's Calcite rebasing work.



Add unit tests for NLJoin.

Added test for inequality join.

Tests with BroadcastExchange, with HJ/MJ disabled.

Fix filter push down for NL joins by modifying row count computation for joins with always true conditions. Rebase on master. Refactor unit tests.

Improved checking of preconditions for NL join.

Handle the case where scalar aggregate is a child of Filter.

DRILL-1957: Support nested loop join planning in order to enable NOT-IN, Inequality, EXISTS planning.

Better checks for cartesian and inequality joins. Rebase on latest master.

Refactor costing for logical join. Add tests. Enable more TPC-H tests.

Remove the check for cartesian join from DrillJoinRel constructor.

Clear left and right keys before calling splitJoinCondition.

Address review comments: Remove redundant call to getJoinCategory. Added comment in DrillRuleSet.

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DRILL-2106: Fix SplitUpComplexExpression rule to correctly detect last used column reference in the project expression

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- enum WindowFrameRecordBatch.WindowFunction to handle supported window function and their corresponding output MajorType

- renamed WindowFrameTemplate -> DefaultFrameTemplate, cleaned the template to handle the default frame efficiently:

. a batch can be processed as soon as we find the last peer row of it's last row

. once a batch is processed it can be safely released => we can transfer it's value vectors to the container instead of copying them

- DefaultFrameTemplate.Partition tracks the current window frame and computes the following window functions automatically: row_number, rank, dense_rank, percent_rank, cume_dist. It doesn't need to aggregate the value vectors to compute these window functions

- updated TestWindowFrame to check the results of row_number, rank, dense_rank, percent_rank and cume_dist in various cases

. added a debug config option to MSorter to control the size of batches. This is needed by TestWindowFrame so it can use small test data files (20 rows per batch)

. removed contrib/data/window-test-data

- WindowFrameRecordBatch properly releases saved batches if the query stops prematurely

- GenerateTestData can be used to generate test data for the window function unit tests [it's a work in progress and can be either improved to make it developer friendly or removed from the final patch]

- using newly created WindowDataBatch in place of RecordDataBatch, to expose FragmentContext and VectorAccessible (fixes DRILL-3218)

- window.enable is true by default

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DRILL-2448: Enable standard implicit cast between Varchar and Varbinary rather than outdated special case in softEquals.

This is necessary to allow the interpreted expression system to evaluate these functions in the same manner as the code-generation based expression evaluation system does today.

DRILL-2446: Improvement in finding Drill log dir