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DRILL-5775: Select * query on a maprdb binary table fails

- The common HBase/MapR-DB_binary verifyColumns() method;

- MapRDBBinaryTable is introduced for the purpose of expanding the wildcard on the planning stage;

- AbstractHBaseDrillTable class for MapRDBBinaryTable and DrillHBaseTable.

closes #973

DRILL-5839: Handle Empty Batches in Merge Receiver

closes #974

DRILL-6882: Handle the cases where RowKeyJoin's left pipeline being called multiple times.

close apache/drill#1562

DRILL-5564: Added finally block for stopWait() to avoid all situations where Drill able to miss stopWait() in case of exceptions (it can lead to assertions).

closes #967

DRILL-5824: Retain original memory limit for 1st phase HashAgg with 1 partition

closes #966

DRILL-5811 reduced repeated log messages further.

closes #965

DRILL-5830: Resolve regressions to MapR DB from DRILL-5546

- Back out HBase changes

- Code cleanup

- Test utilities

- Fix for DRILL-5829

closes #968

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DRILL-5803: Show the hostname for each minor fragment in operator table

Based on DRILL-4909, list hostnames for each minor fragment within an operator table to identify any problematic host

closes #954

DRILL-5838: Fix MaprDB filter pushdown for the case of nested field (reg. of DRILL-4264)

Use FieldPath.asPathString() method instead of creating custom string representation of SchemaPath

closes #972

DRILL-5792: CONVERT_FROM_JSON on an empty file throws runtime exception

closes #961

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DRILL-5815: Option to set query memory as percent of total

closes #960

DRILL-5808: Reduce memory allocator strictness for "managed" operators

closes #958

DRILL-5809 made the storage format of system options backwards compatible, and avoided storing unnecessary option info.

- Fixed forward compatability issue

- Added error message for debugging

- Fix flakey test

- Cleaned up bad logging

- Applied comments

closes #957

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DRILL-5755 Reduced default number of batches kept in memory by the TopN operator.

closes #964

DRILL-5438: Amazon S3 bucket can't be queried directly at root

closes #952

DRILL-5820: Add support for libpam4j Pam Authenticator

closes #962

DRILL-5694: Handle OOM in HashAggr by spill and retry, reserve memory, spinner

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DRILL-5727: Update release profile to generate SHA-512 checksum.

Also, remove sha1 checksum from release package

closes #951

DRILL-5431: SSL Support (Java) - Fix display of client-server encryption status in GUI

DRILL-5721: Update based on merge conflict with DRILL-3449 Note: Resolved Merge Conflict and added certain new tests

closes #919

DRILL-5745: Corrected 'location' information in Drill web server

closes #948

DRILL-5799: native-client: Support alternative build directories

closes #946

DRILL-5798 changes include:

- Fixed unstable StatusResourcesTest

- Fixed buggy port hunting for the WebService

- Fixed bug in ClientFixture which does not assign the correct user port when port hunting is done for the user port

- Fixed unstable hash agg tests

closes #945

DRILL-5878: TableNotFound exception is being reported for a wrong storage plugin.

Address review comments.

DRILL-5816: Hash function produces skewed results on String values with same leading prefix Note: Changing hash32 computation to use Murmur3.hash32 instead of int casted version of Murmur3.hash64

closes #959

DRILL-5795: Parquet Filter push down now work at rowgroup level

Before this commit, the filter was pruning complete files. When a file

is composed of multiple rowgroups, it was not able to prune one

rowgroup from the file. Now, when the filter find that a rowgroup

doesn't match it will be remove from the scan.

closes #949

DRILL-5749: solve deadlock occured between foreman and netty threads

closes #943

DRILL-5425: Support HTTP Kerberos auth using SPNEGO

closes #1040

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DRILL-5781: Fix unit test failures to use tests config even if default config is available

closes #942

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