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DRILL-1445: Fix is in Optiq. Upgrade Optiq version to 0.9-drill-r6.

DRILL-985: Referencing a view via its filename

DRILL-1697. C++ Client. Use the object io_service::work to prevent io_service running out of work.

- Deleting the `work` object to permit the io_service to exit.

- Also reset `io_service` before submitting query.

DRILL-1470 : cast into varchar should recognize the length parameter in varchar. Fix casting function implementation: the length parameter should mean # of chars, not # of bytes.

New unit test case to verify the result from cast function.

Fix bug in cast into varchar. When target length = 0, it means we want to keep the input .

code clean up.

Include change for varbinary cast as well.

DRILL-1661: Fix for setValueLengthSafe method in variable length vectors that was causing a failure in the parquet reader.

DRILL-1557: Drill build failure

# Moved "MapR Drill Third Party Artifacts" repository above Pentaho's one.

DRILL-1480: Update Netty to 4.0.24.Final

DRILL-1421: Add unit tests and data. Bump up drill-optiq version to 0.9-drill-r5. Fix is in corresponding Optiq version.

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DRILL-1619: Fix running and output type for count aggregate function Raise an exception while performing aggregate functions on boolean data type

DRILL-1585: Update user rpc version due to changes in RpcFailure behavior.

DRILL-1617: Disable ProducerConsumer

DRILL-1647: Enable rewrite rule to allow multiple flattens in s a select clause. Fixes a few outstanding issues that were the reason for disabling it.

Fix for the failed Regression test run. Was an issue with removing cast information, simply needed to return the original expression rather than try to clone it if rewriting was not needed.

Was not visiting the child of a project appropriately, this was causing complex expressions nested inside of a sub-query to fail.

DRILL-1612: Add maven enforcer rules for maven and Java version

* Allows compilation with JDK version 1.7.x and maven [3.0.4,4) only.

+ Updated maven-enforcer-plugin to 1.3.1.

DRILL-1604: Include error info in message sent back to client

DRILL-1581: Fix overflow check in casting from varchar to int

DRILL-1675: Add method to get QueryId from DrillResultSet

DRILL-1502: Can't connect to mongo when requiring auth

DRILL-1600: Enable Java assertion in unit tests

DRILL-1676: Use previous version of dagre so that visualizer works

DRILL-1678: Add fragment and operator id to label in plan visualizer

DRILL-1674: Set schema in WriterRecordBatch

DRILL-1599: Drill FileSystemPlugin need getOptimizerRules() method to get optimizer rules from format plugin

DRILL-1601: Have a minimum allocation for variable length value vectors. Improve error messages in PartitionerTemplate and UnorderedRawBatchBuffer. Minor change in cleanup for HashJoin.

DRILL-1596: Build schema for producer-consumer

DRILL-1595: Send intermediate fragments before leaf fragments

DRILL-1582: Fix TestMetadataDDL failure

DRILL-1575: skip creating "key" field for null values in kvgen()

DRILL-1417: ensure star column is passed to scan in case non-partition columns are empty

DRILL-1435: ensure producer consumer returns the last batch indicator & prevent blocking/leaking producer & consumer threads; fix concurrency issues that drives sqlline & drillbit hanging

DRILL-1339: Use EStore to track running query status.

Move common code to ZkAbstractStore.

Get full profile from foreman directly.

code cleanup.

code change based on review comments.

ZK store check node exists before delete. Add error message in case of error.

Use a different profile for running queries, so that running query would have different ZK node from completed queries.

More log. Do not delete query state in EStore. In stead, modify the state in EStore.

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